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Everyone knows the London Eye and has visited it at least once in their life. With a diameter of 120 meters and with a height of 135 meters, this Ferris wheel is not only the national symbol of London but also a perfect place from which to see the beauty of the entire city.

You might not be too enthusiastic about it but remember that when you get to London the entire atmosphere will change you and you will see the world with other eyes (no pun intended). And the London Eye has a lot to offer. Even those who are big fans of the big wheel might not know a few of the following things.

The London Eye in Numbers

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10 tones – the weight of each capsule.

443 feet – the height of the wheel (64 red telephone boxed put on top of each other).

32 capsules – the London Eye has 32 capsules that represent the 32 London boroughs. The weight of each capsule is the equivalent of 1,052,631 pound coins.

1-33 – even if there are 32 capsules, they are numbered from 1-33 because of superstitious reasons (but 13 is not included for good luck).

800 people – this is the number of people that can fit the London Eye at once.

25 times – this is the number of times that the supermodel Kate Moss visited the London Eye.

£21.50 – is the price of a ticket booked for one day (Kate Moss spend around £537.50 for her fun-time).

£70,000,000 – the total price of the construction.

60,000,000 – the number of total visitors up to now.

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15 years – from the moment the attraction opened for the general public (9 March 2000).

5,000 couples – have proposed on the London Eye.

30 awards – in 12 years (from 2000 to 2012) the London Eye won 30 awards for different domains (best attraction, design, experience, best ride, etc.)

£118.00 – is the price of a family ticket (two grown-ups and two children).

So, when are you visiting London?

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