The Ministry of Food Industry has invited proposals under the Production-Based Incentive System for the Food Industry (PLISFPI).

According to a message from MoFPI, interested parties should submit their proposals online in accordance with the PLI Scheme guidelines, while proposals are only received via the online portal:

The last deadline for submitting applications is June 17, 2021, until 5 p.m.

Applications were submitted under three categories of Plants including Category I: Plants, which are large companies and are incentivized based on sales and investment criteria. Applicants in this category could also do branding & marketing.

The guidelines for the PLI system state: “If a Category I applicant wishes to claim the Branding & Marketing Grant Abroad, they have two options. Applicants could apply for Branding & Marketing in both Categories I and III. If such an applicant is selected in Category I, the application in Category III becomes infrastructural. If this applicant is not selected in Category I, the application will be considered under Category III. To apply for a branding and marketing grant abroad, the applicant must submit a five-year branding proposal. The expenses for branding proposed for Y1 and Y2 in the proposal under Category I will be considered as part of the investment committed for the application. However, an incentive for Branding & Marketing for application under Category I would be payable for the entire five years at the suggestion of the applicant. „

The other categories include Category II: SME applicants who manufacture innovative / organic products and apply for PLI incentives based on distribution, and Category III: Applicants who only receive grants for branding and marketing activities abroad.

With regard to the selection process of the plants, the MoFPI guidelines provide that all eligible plants are classified on the basis of the grades obtained in the evaluation of the given criteria. The applicant who scores the highest scores for a segment they advocate is ranked first, followed by the applicant who scores the second highest, and so on. Applicants are selected in the order of their ranks.

In addition, the guidelines state: „No company selected for a segment would receive more than 25% of the total budget for that segment as an incentive, and no company would receive less than 5% of the segment expense. In the case of Fruits & In the vegetable segment, the requirement for a minimum incentive of 5% of the effort can be relaxed. „

An explanation meeting for Category I and May 13th for Category II, III was planned in the MoFPI office on May 12th.

The Government of India (GOI) has proven a new system for the central sector – the „Production-Linked Incentive System for the Food Industry (PLISFPI)” – for implementation in the years 2021-22 to 2026-27 at a cost of 10,900 billion rupees. The program aims to boost the manufacturing industry in India and brand it worldwide.


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