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The Most Beautiful Places To Eat In America

They say you eat with your eyes, but scientific research is revealing that your brain’s sight faculty actually alters the taste of the food. When it looks good, it will taste good. The same is true for the environment you are in. Is it any wonder that an top-rated restaurant will have nicer interior design, than a cheap fast food joint? Being in a pleasant environment helps to improve the overall experience of eating. It is one thing to eat exceptionally cooked food, but doing so in a beautiful location is adds something special. Here are some of the most scenic restaurants in America.

Different Pointe of View

Arizona is world famous for its charming restaurants, in one of America’s most beautiful states. Ryan Hibbert, CEO of Riot Hospitality, notes how he aims to build restaurants with high ceilings, natural light and aesthetically pleasing materials such as wood and steel. These steps are all taken in order to design a restaurant in keeping with the agricultural history of Arizona, where his restaurant is located.

For spectacular Arizona views, however, there’s no beating Different Pointe of View. Located 1800 feet above the Sun Valley, this venue offers some of the best views in the USA. Perched on a mountaintop, diners have the joy of the countryside sunsets and city lights. Not to mention some of the nation’s best food, made from only the freshest ingredients.


Like Different Pointe of View, Thirty-Two is an AAA Four-Diamond rated restaurant, with views to match the cuisine. Located in Biloxi, Mississippi, Thirty-Two is a steakhouse situated by the coast, for diners who enjoy a sea view. Naturally, this venue serves some of the freshest seafood, cooked by the country’s best chefs.

The food is also served with an extensive wine collection, so you really get everything. Enjoying steak or seafood with your wine, with this spectacular view, will take dining to the next level. For this reason, it is the busiest and most sought-after restaurant in the state, so make your reservations early.

The Bistro at Gervasi Vineyard

If you’re visiting Ohio and are in the mood for a bit of culture, then check out Gervasi Vineyard. Decorated all over with natural elements, this restaurant has a cozy, yet sophisticated environment to enjoy your meal. Needless to say, you’ll experience wine made on site, which helps you to really enjoy the flavor. Every window features a view of the vineyard, along with the lakes that make this a calm retreat away from the city environment. Due to its remote location, there are plenty of outdoor activities to engage in before sitting down to enjoy some authentic Italian cuisine.

With such stunning landscapes, there is no shortage of incredible views at American restaurants. The ones listed above have the added benefit of serving some of the most sought-after and widely venerated food. Eating great food, in spectacular locations, will create a dining experience that reaches a whole new level.