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The Secret To Making Incredible Indian Dishes

Indian food focuses on making dishes filled with flavour. You’ll find dishes for all tastes, whether you prefer milder kormas or hot bhunas. There’s something for everyone, but everything is yummy. You don’t need to order a takeaway or go to an authentic Indian restaurant though; you can make incredible Indian dishes yourself. These tips will help you:



Don’t Overcomplicate Your Spices

One of the worst things you can do if you’re new to making your own Indian dishes, is make your spice rack too complicated. The key is to pick about 3 of your favourites and just use them to begin with. You can then buy more spices as you feel more confident and mix them up a bit. At the start, it’s always best to stick to what you know. You can play around with herbs too. If you have the budget, make sure you invest in some fresh herbs to make your dishes taste even more amazing.

Swap Cream for Greek Yogurt

Many Indian dishes can be extremely creamy, making them caloric and fatty. If you want to make a healthy Indian dish that is even more filling and yummy but is actually healthier, then swap the cream for Greek yogurt. It’ll keep the dish nice and thick and flavourful while being kind to your waistline and diet.

Add a Little Sugar to Your Curries

Adding a little sugar to your curries is a tip that all the best Indian chefs use. Experiment with the amount and you’ll soon learn what makes your Indian dishes the most delicious.

Make a Lot

Indian dishes usually take a lot of preparation and ingredients. What’s the point in making it to only make a really small amount? Make a lot of it! Freeze it and you’ll have something yummy to tide you over for at least a few more days.

Always Use Fresh Ingredients

Using really fresh ingredients is a great way to make delicious Indian food. You can get Indian food delivery right to your door these days, so you can start making your Indian food right away. Make sure you wash and prep everything properly and you’ll be good to go.

Fill Out Your Dish

If you really fancy some Indian flavour but you don’t want a huge portion to sabotage your diet, then fill out your dish with things like legumes and lentils. They won’t add many calories, but they will add lots of volume, helping to fill you up without the guilt! Of course you don’t need to have the naan breads or the rice either, you can simply have an Indian dish full to the brim of vegetables. It’ll make your dish way healthier, full of nutrients, but still delicious!

Make a Drink to Go With it

Have you ever tried mango lassi? No? It’s a great Indian drink and can seriously help to cool down any heat from your dishes. You simply use mango, yogurt, coconut milk and cardamom pods to make a thick creamy drink. It’s a bit like dessert!

Enjoy, and remember practice makes perfect!

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