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The secrets behind the perfect eclairs from the legendary confectioner brothers of Lyon

The brothers Guillaume and Romain Luyat are proud that their favorite treat, the eclair, is so popular in their hometown of Lyon, where their business is located The Boy Scouts lives.

“Lyon is known for a variety of products, especially pink pralines,” says Guillaume. “So it makes sense that we create the praline eclair.” This taste is one of the trademarks of the brothers, with a cream filling made from almonds with a candy coating. The praline eclair is just one of the brothers’ 30 sweet eclair recipes that feature flavors like classic chocolate, vanilla, and more creative takes like matcha, passion fruit and lemon. Les Eclaireurs also offers savory varieties in the rotation of their stores, such as carrots, salmon and bacon with nuts. “And we’re always inventing new ones,” adds Romain.

Guillaume quit his manufacturing job to start business with his brother. “Romain really is the pastry chef, he is the artist. I take care of business development. But in the beginning we both made the pastries in the morning, ”he says of her hands-on approach in the early days of her business. “Today we have a team of professionals with us to make it easier to produce large quantities,” concludes Romain. These teams help the brothers bring their variety of eclairs to life, with 500 baked goods per week and between 1,500 and 2,000 on weekends in their three shops in Lyon.

“I’ve always had eclairs since I was a kid and they were always something I loved,” says Romain. “That’s why I wanted to share that with our customers and be able to express ourselves through this unique product.”

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