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The Simple Science of Weight Loss and Fat Loss: Forget Intermittent Fasting & Keto! Discover the 3 Habits of Dieting Success so That You Can Make Any Diet Work and Get the Body You Want Effortlessly

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“Eat less, move more” is incomplete. You can lose weight eating more. How? Through a process known as diet-induced thermogenesis.

Diet-induced thermogenesis, the calories burned digesting and absorbing the food you eat, has a greater impact on “calories-out” than exercise. But when you restrict your caloric intake, you restrict diet-induced thermogenesis.

Thus, the principle of weight loss is not consuming a very small number of calories – especially when “calories-in” increases “calories-out”.

Yet, everyone thinks it’s about eating fewer and fewer calories – ignoring the underlying principles of weight loss for the method of severe calorie restriction.

But you? You can change how you approach dieting with the three habits of dieting success, and make adherence to the principles of weight loss second nature.

Beneath that layer of fat is the most confident version of you. Take off that fat suit and become that person today.

With references to over 79 of the best scientific studies available, discover:

  • The number one mistake that beginners (and even experts) make when it comes to dieting
  • How to best address hormonal imbalances (ketosis and fasting not required)
  • The most effective (and the most effortless) way to count calories – without a scale
  • Why you can eat 800 calories a day and still fail to lose weight (Hint: It’s physiological!)
  • Exactly how I lost an additional 13 lbs by increasing my caloric intake by 715 calories
  • What proper nutrition entails, and why a “healthy diet” does not exist
  • The secret to health and longevity practiced by our ancestors 45,000 years ago (while the Paleo diet got some of the foods right, they got the principles wrong)
  • How to guarantee fat loss so that you can skip being skinny and thin, and be lean, toned, or shredded instead
  • A scientific overview of today’s diets, why they fail, and why most of them cannot be trusted

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