The Ultimate Singapore travel guide for food lovers

People of different descents inhabit Singapore, giving it a mixture of cultures, hence it is home to a wide range of delicious dishes. Its strategic location also plays a huge role in making it a center of various cultural influences, besides being a great global seaport. There are three main cultures that are dominant, which means that you are most likely to get to eat their dishes – the Chinese, the Indians, and the Malay. To process your travel documents, such as visa to this awesome city-state or for any information you may need to get about Singapore, your one-stop solution provider is One Visa Singapore.

Food varieties and restaurants

You can get to sample an enormous variety of foods in the Lion City, which are all amazingly good. If you have no other cause to tour the country, getting a firsthand experience of the food is enough reason. With so many ethnic groups and countries represented in Singapore, you will find unique restaurants and cuisines. The foods that are represented by sizeable populations are the Chinese, the Indian and the indigenous Malay. However, there are a good number of eateries serving Western foods and dishes from other regions of the world. Singapore is a real center of international dishes. As is the case in Malaysia, there are foods like the Chinese and Indian that have retained their originality mainly due to the large populations of these ethnic groups in the City State. On the other hand, some foreign foods and variations of local foods have been totally changed into distinct Singaporean dishes.

Favorite Singaporean dishes

The list of Singaporean foods is quite extensive, and lovers of food can check it out. Some great dishes that have won the heart of many include:

Zi Char

In Singapore, Zi Char means cooked food specially made as per clients’ instructions, and mostly refers to any of Chinese dishes stir fried or deep fried. The beauty of this dish is that it is served piping hot, right from the oily pan, and has a great taste when taken with rice.


This is a huge thin piece of dough that is well packed with a mixture of minced meat, eggs, and onions. It is deep fried until it’s crispy, and is served alongside a curry sauce. Despite having an Arab origin, it is assumed in Singapore that this is an Indian local dish. The great taste of the spices packed in the crispy dough makes it so mouth-watering.

Fish-head curry

There are several kinds of fish-head curry. One type is the Indian fish-head curry, prepared by having a huge head of fish (snapper) in a well-spiced curry with an incredible flavor. Fish-head curry is served in a large bowl and eaten with rice or other types of curries from a banana leaf plate.

Hawker Centers (food courts)

A popular way of eating out is by going to food courts, commonly called hawker centers. These are a collection of stalls selling food at affordable prices. Very often, their food is fantastically delicious. Some hawker centers are:

Ø  Chinatown Complex Food Centre

Ø  Tiong Bahru Food Centre

Ø  Chomp Chomp Food Centre

Ø  Old Airport Road Hawker Centre


Singapore is a great place where foods from all over the world converge. Food enthusiasts should visit the city-state and have an incredible time partaking of the best of the best.

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