The winter games you must try once in a lifetime


After a harrowing and nail-biting year of the decade, we all deserve to put our hair down for a while. With so much time and energy already lost, the desire to go out to have fun is unmistakable. And rightly so, our bodies need physical exercising too. We know that it may feel very tempting to stay indoors, all cozy and warm within your blankets but let’s be honest! Somewhere deep down there, we all feel like going out and enjoying out in the snow.

If you can muster up the courage to brave the snow and the brazen cold, then there are a variety of games that you can enjoy once you decide to put a step out of your house. Here is a list of the choicest and the ever most popular American winter sports that you must try once in your lifetime. After all, what is a life living with a million „I wish I could… „right?

Ice Skating ( Figure skating )

Our Numero Uno has to be Ice Skating, which also happens to be the oldest sport in the Winter Olympics. Once, it used to be a women-only game, but slowly and gradually, the other gender is also catching up. Imagine being able just to glide and move on the snow, just how you would do with your skates on the road. The thin layer of ice beneath the blade of your skating shoe only adds the right amount of adrenaline rush into your much-awaited recreation.

Ice Skating Skater Winter - Free photo on Pixabay

If you would like your significant other or best friend to join in the fun, then brace yourself up for a slightly modified form of the same called Figure Skating. All the various movements ranging from easy to difficult like rotating, jumping, shaping, etc., become a coordinated activity and have to be executed as a team. With practice, this is something that you can develop some expertise in.

Ice Hockey

If you are a hockey fan already, then the snowflakes outside are just telling you to go for this one. Another one in the Olympics List since 1920, this game often gets ruled by some aggression. Just imagine playing the same old hockey but on an ice sheet wearing your skating shoes. If you already have an affinity for skating and hockey, then this one is a match made in the snow heaven for you.

Ice Fishing

Contrary to popular beliefs, this sport is not only for the sad and old, just because it demands patience. In fact, it is now being taken up by a lot of youngsters as well. For this, you need to be handsy with your bait for walleye and all the other kinds of fish for ice fishing. Once you learn to hold the rod and the reel the right way with a steady hand, you would not even realize when this may become your favorite thing to do. Just a word of advice, though, be bundled up in your warmest gear and keep your snacks and beverages handy at your shanty, ready for the best catch of the day amidst the freezing temperatures.


This one is quite an interesting sport that has not still caught the public eye as much. Also known as the name Rock balls, there are two teams of four players playing on the field. The objective is to hit the rock ball on the ice to lead to the point of target. One team member has to roll the ball while the other two are equipped with a broom to rub on the ice, giving the ball the desired direction. If you are looking for something exciting and off mainstream, this is an excellent option to get started with.


As tempting as it may look on the television, the good news is that you do not need to be an absolute professional to feel like one. As an obvious prerequisite, you need to be closer to mountains to experience this one. Even with its fair share of risks and fear factors involved, nothing beats the spirit and fun of skiing at a great speed across the downhill slopes. All you need to have is a ski suit and reflective sunglasses with two sliders and two struts to adjust, with all the other necessary equipment for this sport.


Last but not least, we had to include this competitive sport too. Snowboarding is thrilling enough as it is. If sailing on the boards in the summertime is your jazz, then doing the same on mountain slopes is something that you will enjoy immensely.


Hence, these were some of the many winter sports that are just waiting for you to try them. Winter sports are amazing and should definitely be enjoyed to the hilt. Choose the one that you like and begin your journey into this arena. We wish you good luck!

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