One of the best aspects of eating in a restaurant is listening to dates. You may think you are better but you are not because once you feel the tension in the voice of someone two tables away it is almost impossible to ignore. What if you had a one-way mirror and could spend hours watching random people have dinner without them being the wiser? And what if the mirror opened and you could take something right off the table and eat it yourself? A TikTok user experienced just that when she discovered her Airbnb rental window in a Manhattan hotel opened straight into a fully functioning restaurant.

Desiree Baker (@desireerosebaker) posted on December 20th about the arrival at Cassa Times Square, where a room with a view of the Manhattan skyline awaited them, as announced in the photos of the listing. Instead, she says, “I pull up the blinds, there are no buildings. We’re in a restaurant. ”Pointing, not just narrating, she pulls up the room’s blackout curtains, revealing a couple enjoying dinner right outside their window, even though they seem to have no idea she’s there because the windows are like One-way mirrors were set up.

In follow-up videos is Baker contacted by one of the guests She filmed the food right outside her room and went to Tempura NYC to see the window of her room, which her friend then opened. The restaurant staff even gave her tequila shots – she could return in glasses by leading them back through the window and placing them directly on the table.

Baker tried to contact her hosts through Airbnb and allegedly receive the following message:

Hello Desiree, ologies for forgiven [sic] some time to repeat [sic] You, we actually wanted to cancel your reservation as we had some room problems, but we were able to accommodate you.

I believe everything went well and is going well during your stay and I am glad to know that we were able to accommodate you this time of year.

best wishes

After Airbnb saw the TikTok, it contacted Baker and gave her a credit.

Looking at photos of Cassa Times Square and Tempura NY it appears that the hotel built the restaurant on an outside terrace. If you look at the interior of the restaurant, the window to Baker’s room appears to be right in the corner of the dining room.

I understand what it’s about, but I don’t understand either because this room sounds fantastic. Posting some wine in my hotel room and listening to strangers trying to identify with each other over midtown tuna rolls? What more could you want from a vacation in New York?

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