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Ready to run from the hustle and bustle of the frenetic life! While holidays, for some are moving away from the monotonous life, some love spending their leisure time in towering peaks.

The Himalaya trek!

The adventurous journey filled with rugged trails, enticing panorama, and of course the stupendous breath in the pure air is enough to make you feel rejuvenated. If you are smitten about being in snow-capped peaks and want to enjoy the enthralling adventure, get your backpack and fly!

But wait, before you pack your bag and head-off in the mountains, have a look at some essential things that should be in your bag.


The Himalayas are unpredictable, so as its temperature. You will feel bone-chilling winds, so carry woolen clothes with you. Don’t forget to pack your bag with Woven shirts or sweaters

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  • Camping shoes
  • Woolen trousers
  • Fleece sweater
  • Down jackets
  • Wide woolen hat
  • Gloves and socks
  • Hooded raincoat and pants

Other Trekking Gear:

Besides, clothing, there are many things that you would need when trekking. Some of them are:

Water Bottle:

Since trekking involves walking on steps, your body needs to be hydrated. Although you will get tips of what to carry along from your adventure travel agency, carrying your own bottle is a must.

A hard-plastic water bottle or the metal one would work for you. It will make refilling a breeze, plus the ecosystem will remain to save from use of plastic bottles. Although the water in the mountains is quite pure, carry a Steripen, a device that uses UV rays to kill germs, to make water drinkable for you.

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You can even use your hard-water bottle as a heating bottle to stay warm from the spine-chilling weather. Add some hot water to it and put it in your bed.


Sunglasses are must! Although the Himalayas are cold, the sun remains on the head. Also, the sun rays are intense at high altitudes which, without shades, can make your trek difficult. Don’t forget to carry the sunscreen as well and a hat for sure.

A Camera:

Cameras are the indispensable part of treks. After all who will capture the scenic beauty, the high peaks? While your phone camera would work, for eye-widening shots, you should carry the one with the decent shoot and extra zoom. Since there will be no electricity, bring extra batteries at your Himalaya trekking tour to capture beauty.

Cameras with features like GPS and video recording feature will be a boon.

Insect Repellent:

While you will be spending nights under stars in open environment, an insect repellent will keep you stay safe and protected. Apply it in the night and have a peaceful sleep for the morning trek.

Headlamp or Flashlight:

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A headlamp will safeguard you from uneven trains. Plus, they are saviors in nights.

First-aid kit:

Carry all necessary medicines and ointments when you are trekking. This will protect you from unannounced travel injuries and scars.

Bonus thing! Photos of Loved Ones:

Keep in mind that you are traveling miles away from your home, so bring pictures of your family members.

So, bring a big smile on your face and start your expedition with a positive attitude with no tension. After all, you will be in an undulating hills and alpine forests.

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