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Bangkok is an overwhelming city, but oh so delicious when you have found your turn. A visit during your tour in Thailand or Southeast Asia speaks for itself, but maybe even make the move to Australia or New Zealand have time for a short city trip Bangkok? This metropolis is to avoid not in any case be more than worth visiting. Make a selection of the sites in Bangkok of course, is essential to leave the city without getting tired. That’s why Thailand’s specialists have their 4 best things to do in Bangkok for beginners poured into a list. Have fun with it!

1. Biking along the suburbs and klongs

Biking along the suburbs

Bangkok is known for heavy traffic, yet a bike ride is a relief! Tours go along small streets, parks, temples, markets, channels (Klongs) and usually take a longtail boat to go to the greener environment around Bangkok. So you escape to a comfortable active way from the crowds and see a lot more than usual. Please note that you are in the narrow streets do not get caught up in that sometimes was drying quite low hanging!

2. The three temples that you must see

i. Wat Arun

The most famous temple complex of Bangkok, situated on the other side of the Chao Phraya River. Start your morning, you can see how the morning light is reflected beautifully in the glittering details of the structure. Count about 1.5 hours to visit the entire complex. Certainly climb the central tower (prang) for a privileged view of the city.

Wat Arun

ii. Wat Saket

You can also go for the combination Wat Saket temple + panorama. It is a golden chedi (stupa) on an artificial hill in the district of furniture makers in Chakkaphatdi Road Boriphat Road. View your city plan well, because the entrance is not easy to find.

Wat Saket

iii. Wat Mahathat

The peculiarity of this temple complex is that there is a Buddhist university and retreat resort is situated. This is a common temple for ceremonies and funerals for the royal family. The weekend market in the complex you get acquainted with the Buddhist culture and you can buy souvenirs and snacks. If you come on a weekday, there is a daily open-air market nearby and also amulets market (Amulet Market at Sanam Luang) is next to Wat Mahathat.

Wat Mahathat

3. Sightseeing from the Chao Phraya river

Do not get caught by an expensive cruise on the river, but just take a taxi boat. Some stop at each stop, other boats serve more as express service. The color of the vlagje you can see what kind of boat it is. They sail until dusk. During the tour you’ll be treated to a very different view of bustling Bangkok, Wat Arun, the Royal Palace and the activity on the water.

Chao Phraya river

Our favorite route: the Chao Phraya Express Boat to Nonthaburi. From the start, the Sathorn Piertot, till you calculate best 50 minutes. Nonthaburi there are nice shops and a market every day. Guaranteed to see few tourists!

4. Markets, food and drink in Bangkok

Sights expire in Bangkok: all well and good, but we like to do several times a day calling on Thai cuisine to meet our physically demanding schedule. Where do you go for the best restaurants, bars, food stalls and markets in Bangkok ?

food and drink in Bangkok

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