America is a fantastic place to plan a trip if you love your food and drink. There’s such a diverse range of cuisines from many cultures that you won’t run out of things to discover. Whether you enjoy finding handmade cheese or visiting a new Vietnamese restaurant, you could eat your way around the country. If you want to get in maximum foodie activities, some planning will help you achieve your dream. Start mapping out your perfect foodie vacation through the US with the tips below.


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Choosing Your Destination

Deciding where to go is probably the hardest decision. There are so many places you can go with wonderful foodie options. Of course, you don’t have to pick only one destination. If you’re willing to get on the road or travel some other way, you can go from place to place. Before you pick where you want to go, consider what you’re looking for. Do you wish to spend the whole time enjoying wine and cheese, seafood, or pizza? Maybe you’re looking for somewhere where you can try a variety of different cuisines. Keep this in mind when you choose where to go.

Foodie Activities

Next, what do you want to do? Every foodie enjoys their love of food and drink in different ways. You might wish to experience local offerings simply by visiting as many restaurants, cafes and bars as you can find. Other people like to take a more hands-on approach. For example, you might take a tour of a farm to learn about the food produced there. You could join a foodie tour of a city, or even find some classes to participate in. Learning to create a local dish is an excellent way to get involved. You could even spend a whole week or more at a cookery school.

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It’s not all about the eating and drinking, so you need somewhere to stay too. Except that you could make that about food as well. When you’re thinking about where to stay, consider how you’re planning to eat. Do you want to go out to restaurants for every meal, or would you prefer to do some of your own cooking? If you want a self-catered option, you can consider everything from a studio apartment to camping in an RV. Having a kitchen gives you the flexibility to save some money by cooking for yourself. If you’re happy to eat out, look for a hotel with a decent restaurant. There might be days when you don’t feel like finding somewhere else

Getting Around

You should also plan how to get around. If you want to visit vineyards, breweries or distilleries, a hire car won’t be much use to you. If you wish to travel between towns or take day trips, an RV could again come in handy. Use it as both your transport and your accommodation, and you’ll have somewhere to cook all the tasty products you buy.

You can take a foodie vacation in many places across the US. Just pick somewhere that offers a cuisine you want to explore.

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