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Tips to buying Wholesale Meats

Over the years, food insecurity rates in Canada have remained relatively stable. Statistics show that between 2007 and 2012, about 8% and 5% of adults and children respectively lived in households where food was a problem. Many of these families lacked access to food as a result of poverty. In more recent statistics, experts have it that 8.3% of households in Canada between 2011 and 2012 experienced a lack in food. It is a shocking and unbelievable revelation for many, but it is the truth. Toronto, being the biggest city in Canada contributed significantly to these figures.

Good thing is that we are not helpless in the face of such statistics. Even when facing tough financial times, you still can afford to ensure there is a meal at the table for your family; but only if you play your cards right. Buying food in bulk/wholesale will allow you to plan better and save more in the long run. However, when buying perishable goods like meats, you need to have your math right lest you end up wasting away a large portion of the meat you bought to last you a given period of time. Speaking of wasting, studies have it that food worth $31 billion is wasted in Canada every year. This is a whopping 40% of all foods produced every year in the country.

But you can do things differently. You can buy wholesale meats and not waste a single gram of it. Below are some of the tips and tricks you can follow the next time you are buying your meats at Soloway’s.

Wholesale Meats

Plan wisely

Before you visit this site, create a list of all the meats you would want to purchase. Have the list down to the specifics. Include quantities and the prices. If this is a subsequent purchase however, take an inventory of the meats you have in stock already and how much more you would need. You can never be too prepared. Doing this will help you adhere to your budget.

Get only what you can eat

With the low prices, it can be easy to get carried away. After all, it’s all so affordable. But keep your head in all this. If you are not sure how much meat your family can eat, break it down to a single meal, how many times you will need to eat meat then multiply that by the number of days you want your stock to last. With the insane numbers of food being wasted, you surely do not want to be part of the problem.


Meat does not last very long. Sure different meats have different shelf lives, but generally they are highly perishable products even when stored in a refrigerator. If you intend to store meat for more than a few days, you should store it in a freezer. Before you make a purchase for your meat, have a freezer on standby for use.
All in all, buying wholesale meats is a great step. One that will help you plan your finances better and ensure your family has food security.