Top 10 Best Travel Tips

People travel for different reasons. Some love the experience of visiting a new place, others enjoy discovering new cultures and making long-lasting friends. Yes, ironically it’s the people who you meet on travels or the ones that you travel with that are more likely to keep in touch with you on the long term.

Regardless of the way in which it is done (by air, water or car) the process of traveling is very inspiring and enlightening. It offers the chance to introspect your desires and wishes and rediscover a new you. But what else can you discover when you travel? Here are 10 travel tips that I (and probably many other travelers) have come across when traveling.

Who Else Wants to Know the Best 10 Travel Tips?

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(1). No fast food – it may sound painful. When you are traveling and you are dead-hungry you will eat whatever falls into your hands. Or on the floor. It doesn’t matter anymore! This is why it wouldn’t hurt to check a regional chain that can feed you up and keep you healthy.

(2). Be patient – you don’t need to take a class to be patient. If you start a journey in a new place you are sure to run into unexpected things. You might miss your bus, you might lose your phone charger or you might not find money at the ATM. Learn to cope with the unexpected and you will learn again what patience is.

(3). Pack the right clothes – first of all, don’t take with you clothes that require ironing. That is just wrong! Then, try to match the bottoms with the tops. This way you will avoid looking like a freak by the end of your journey.

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(4). Losing baggage – this problem is unfortunate but extremely probable. The best way to deal with this issue is to take a photo of your luggage and print it or keep it with you on-cam. This way, if you lose your luggage you can show it to the folks at the airport and find it easier.

(5). Wake up early – I hate waking up in the morning, but traveling and catching the sunrise is a unique experience. Not to mention that you get to take the most amazing photos, interact with locals and travel to areas that are dangerous during the night. Do it, at least once in a lifetime!

(6). Bring ear plugs – these can really save you when you travel in a noisy plane or hotel room. Use them wisely and they will help you sleep better. Guaranteed!

(7). A pack of cards – it might sound funny but a pack of cards can help you deal with those delays easier and can really cross any cultural boundaries. Who would say no to playing cards when there is nothing else to do?

(8). Extra money – put extra money into places where you wouldn’t normally put (socks, under shoe inserts, toiletry bag, etc.). So, in case you lose your wallet you can cover your immediate emergencies.

(9). Travel insurance – it is better to get a travel insurance as opposed to just credit card insurance. Although it might seem like a common sense tip, most people don’t bother to buy a travel insurance. It will save you a lot if ever in trouble.

(10). Smile – another common sense tip which will help you more than you think. Smiling will help you on the long run. Whether it is to meet new people or simply thank someone for a service, smiling is the way to go.

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Follow these 10 tips and your traveling experiences will become unforgettable! It’s the little things that stay with us when times get rough. In life try to collect stories and memories, not things!Please share your own tips with us!

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