Top 4 Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives

Milk represents an important food in people’s lives. We drink it from the beginning of our lives and some of us remain hooked on this nutritious food for a long, long time. Cow milk contains multiple vitamins and minerals that support the health of the human body.

Studies have shown that milk brings into one’s diet important sources of calcium, choline (a nutrient that sustains muscle improvement, the memory and promotes a good sleep), potassium and vitamin D (perfect for healthy bones and anti-depression remedy).

So we’ve established how cool cow milk actually is. But what about other types of milk that do not have an animal origin? Like almonds, cashew, soy or coconut! Should they be introduced into your diet? Absolutely! Here is why!

Top Benefits of Dairy-Free Milk

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1. Almonds milk – this type of milk features lots of benefits for your health: it helps with weight management, it keeps your heart healthy, the bones strong, the natural glow of the skin and it improves digestion. And what is best is that almond milk is very easy to prepare and it doesn’t require you having a farm in your backyard. You just have to place almonds in a blender, add water and then separate the pulp from the liquid.

2. Coconut milk – this type of milk has many benefits if we are to ignore the statistics which say that 150 people die each day from falling coconuts. But this is a different story. Coming back to the health benefits of this type of milk you should know that the lauric acid inside has antibacterial and antiviral properties which protect the body and destroy lots of diseases. Not to mention that the good fats metabolized by the liver provide the right energy for a rough day and protect the heart. And surprisingly enough it’s not very hard to make coconut milk.

3. Soy milk – this type of milk is a bit more popular among non-dairy drinks and the preparation method is pretty much similar to the previously mentioned ones. Among the benefits provided this type of milk improves the lipid profile, supports the health of the blood vessels, promotes weight loss, prevents prostate cancer and postmenopausal syndromes.

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4. Cashew milk – just like its buddies, cashew milk is a great source of minerals (potassium, calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper and selenium), protects the heart and support weight loss. However, it is important to remember that you shouldn’t abuse this type of milk because it can become toxic when ingested in high doses.

These 4 types of dairy-free milk are excellent for one’s health and can represent great alternatives to the normal cow milk. And can represent a great choice for those who are lactose-intolerant.

So what do you choose?

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