Top 5 Healthy Morning Drinks

I’ve always been bad at waking up early in the morning. Horrible! I suck at it! But somehow, life forced me to join society and begin my days when the sun is not even up. In a time like this, you just need something to reinvigorate you and give you the energy to start a new day. How can you do it?

The following 5 morning drinks are healthy and can be the perfect starter for another full day.


5. Blueberry Drink – I completely adore blueberries because they are delicious and have a bunch of vitamins and nutrients that help the body. They improve the vision, protect against diseases, enhance the memory, help with weight control and protect against free radicals. Preparing a breakfast blueberry smoothie is not even hard: add some frozen berries in a blender together with some Greek yogurt, milk and honey. Blend everything and serve it chill.

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4. Green tea – the legend of the green tea lasts for dozens of years. People have started including green tea into their diet because it is healthier, reduces the risk of osteoporosis (due to the content of fluoride which strengthens the bones and the teeth), heart disease, cavities and cancer. Due to its rich levels of polyphenols and flavonoids, the green tea can protect the cells from developing cancerous features, neutralizing the free radicals that may attack the body. The same antioxidants have the power to protect the heart from diseases by preventing the formation of blood cloths.

3. Tomato Juice – this type of juice contains plenty of antioxidants, the most important one being the lycopene. This has often been associated with a low risk of stomach, lung, pancreatic, breast or oral cancer.  In addition to this, the lycopene protects the heart from cardiovascular diseases. And it only has 31 calories per 6 ounces. Score!

2. Liquid Veggie – the smoothies which contain vegetables are filled with nutrients, vitamins and fibers. This means that a single vegetable smoothie has the power to keep you full until noon. Some amazing combinations can be the ones between red cabbage, cherries, cinnamon and honey or the ones containing broccoli, orange juice, lemon juice, tomatoes and spinach. And if you like spices go for the carrots, cinnamon, apple sauce, coconut milk and cayenne pepper mixture. You’ll love it!

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1. Lemon Water – yes, you were laughing at the models who only drink water with lemon but after reading this you’ll feel like a fool. Research proves that water and lemon can strengthen the brain due to the high contents of vitamin C and potassium registered in the lemon. It also cleanses the liver, helps with pains and aches, is great in the process of weight loss, protects against urinary infections, maintains the body hydrated and offers relief in the problems of constipation. Muhaha!

Whichever healthy breakfast drink you choose, the result will be great for your health, figure and beauty. Bottoms up!

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