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It’s boozing people! Tomorrow is Friday and God knows how much I’ve waited for this day. I am sure you have too so let’s raise our glasses and welcome the weekend with a few Italian drinks. Because whether we want it or not, Italians do have an amazing gastronomy and exquisite types of spirits.

Check out the following 5 drinks that have made Italians popular worldwide!

Top 5 Italian Drinks You Must Try

(5). Sambuca – every time I say Sambuca I think about the episode of Friends when Joey is preparing Sambuca Margarita and Chandler is afraid of telling him that he and Joey’s girlfriend are in love. It is a lot funnier than it sounds, really!

This is a type of liquor that dazzles people with its sweetness and it is often placed in the same group as rakia or pastis. Why? Because it is made through the infusion of liquorice and essential oils, adding sugar and herbs as secret ingredients.

How to serve sambuca: the most popular way to serve it is on the rock, adding a bit of fresh water. Or if you don’t like sugar, you can always add some coffee (typical Italian).

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(4). Roner Kirschwasser – this fruit brandy belongs to the Roner distillery and its name can be translated as “water of cherries.” The fruit is harvested at its maximum point of aromatic intensity and its distillation is done right after the harvest. Black cherry, almond and gingerbread are often added in order to enhance the flavor. It sounds delicious!

How to serve it: the best way to serve Kirschwasser is at approximately 5 degrees. This preserves the fragrance of the brandy. It can also be combined with fat cheese or dark chocolate.

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(3). Grappa – this is the most popular drink in Italy and around it. Italians love it just as Scots love their whiskey. Another similarity is the high content of alcohol present in this colorless drink. Why? Because it had to help farmers resist the cold winters that were terrifying during the Middle Ages. Grappa is made out of discarded grape skins and seeds (the ones that remain after making wine) and can often have a faint flavor of caramel or herbs.

How to serve it: Combined with an espresso, grappa can represent the perfect digestive named ‘caffe corretto.’

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(2). Limoncello you will love this drink just for its color. Bright yellow and vivid, this drink might make any man question his taste in drinks. Not in Italy of course. Here everything is allowed in terms of food and drinks. Most restaurants in Italy offer it as a complimentary drink after a meal and it is a great digestive due to its combination of acidic and sweet taste. Not to mention the strong taste of lemon that will stick to you!

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(1). Campariand finally, Campari is where it all started. The way to ask for a Campari in Italy is by saying the magical words „Bitter Campari.” Bitter, complex and delicious, this drink can take you to heaven and back. It was invented in Novara by Gaspare Campari in 1860 and its secret lies in the mix of herbal flavors with a hint of citrus.

How to serve it: you can follow the example of the drinkers of St. Lucia who mix their Campari with condensed milk. You can also try to serve it with soda water, as an aperitif. The result is excellent!

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It’s really hard to choose just one as a favorite, so mix and mingle guys!

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