Momos are a staple of the street and fast food culture in Delhi. This Tibetan dish has become so mainstream cause of its yumminess, affordability and convenience.

Here, we guide you to the places that serve up amazing momos which will leave you planning your next trip back.

Generally in Delhi, Manju ka Tila is where you will get momos in abundance. Humanyunpur Village, Safdarjung is also another emerging place for Tibetan and Nepali cuisine.

1 Dolma House


1, Block 10, New Tibetan Colony, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

Phone Numbers : +91 9873275902         011 23812576

Opening Hours : 8AM to 10PM everyday

Located in Manju-ka-tila, this eatery is one of many establishments in this area serving delicious Tibetan cuisine.

This place has a variety of momos, that you normally would not get anywhere else. Apart from the common chicken and veg momos, you can try out new stuffings in momo like paneer, potato, mutton, buffalo, spinach cheese and chilly momos.

The chilly momos are one of the most popular dishes here. So, if you can handle your spice, there’s a high chance you’re going to love this.

The prices of these momos range from Rs 70 to R 180,veg momos being priced at Rs 70. This place is value for money and the road facing glass window makes this a great place to eat and people watch.

The wait time at this place is 20 to 30 minutes which is quite long for a fast food place.

2 Momo House


momo-house G-130, Sudarshan Cinema Road, Gautam Nagar, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Phone Numbers : +91 7042950751       +91 7042950752

Opening hours : 11AM to 11PM everyday

This establishment is located by the road and mostly serves as a take out and does free home delivery . This place is frequented by college students and PG residents.

It is well known for its huge sized momos and very generous quantity of fillings.  You can get veg, chicken and pork momos here, both steamed and fried. Prices range from Rs 50 to Rs 110.

This place is often reviewed as one of the best palces for momos in the city.

It is a cash only payment method.

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3 Tee Dee


32, Aruna Nagar, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

Phone number : 011 23939414

Opening Hours : 9AM to 10PM everyday

Located in Manju-ka-tila, this is one of the several places in this area that sell momos.

They have quite a long list in the momo menu that consists of veg, chicken, buffalo, pork, mutton, palak cheese, potato cheese, potato and chilli fillings.

A recommended dish here is the devil’s momo that comes in both veg and non veg with manchurian gravy over it. Another dish to try is the platter momo that comes with 3 different sauces. Prices here range from Rs 100 to Rs 200.

Service takes quite a long time though.

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4 Yo Tibet


119-A, Upper Ground Floor, Near NCC Gate, Humanyunpur Village, Safdarjung Enclave, Safdarjung, New Delhi

Phone Numbers : +91 9990613558         +91 9582162491

Opening hours : 12Noon to 12Midnight everyday

This place is notoriously known for its hot momo sauce.

They have veg, buffalo, chicken and pork momos in both steam and fried versions.

The base that wraps the filling is known to be quite soft and tender and the overall momos are quite oily but ultimately very tasty. So if you cannot handle spice and oily food, this will not be a good suggestion for you.

The momos here are priced from Rs 90 to Rs 120 , which is affordable yet similar to all standard restaurant momo pricing.

5 AMA Restaurant


40, New Tibetan Camp, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

Phone Numbers : 011 23811589      011 23811317

Opening hours : 12Noon to 10PM everyday

This place is probably the most famous of restaurants in Manju- ka-tila.

Serving Tibetan cuisine, this place has momos in veg, buffalo and chicken fillings.

This place is usually always packed and waiting in line for a table is a common occurrence here. Food reviews have been average for this place but is worth a visit to guess the hype this place keeps getting.

Prices of momos here are ranged Rs 80 to Rs 120.

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