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If you’re fed up of dining out on limp salads and paying through the nose for some tofu concoction you could have made at home then it’s time to start exploring. So grab so your passport and make a beeline for one of these six vegan-friendly hot-spots for the food connoisseur.

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  • Berlin

Hot and hip, Berlin is the city to be in right now. From the cathedral to the underground dance scene, there’s something here for everyone and food is no exception. Germany’s capital city boasts nearly thirty dedicated vegan restaurants. And they’re not banished to the outskirts of the city either. All are easy to find, and most are within a three mile radius of the city centre, so you can even arrive as the locals do, on bikes.

  1. New York City

Maybe this is why it’s called the Big Apple? OK, OK, so we know that’s not why, but it might as well be. Here you can take your pick of vegan cuisine from around the globe. From cafes to bistros, celebrity frequented hangouts to little local bakeries, the city has an enticing array of flavours to offer the vegan palette. Indeed, it has a whopping sixty-three restaurants just for us veggie lovers.

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  1. Munich

Book a room at Venere.com and hop on a plane; Munich is soon to become the next mecca for vegetarians and vegans alike. This is a city where it’s fashionable to be vegan, so you will pay a bit extra but it is well worth it. The restaurants truly deserve the title gourmet. Here you can discover the kinds of flavours and textures only a true artist can whip up. The perfect anniversary destination!

  1. San Francisco

A city made for staying healthy; San Francisco boasts a wealth of raw food stores, fresh fruit markets and, of course, really steep hills. But don’t worry, your reward for hiking up a vertical pavement is a snuggly afternoon in your choice of gorgeous little cafes. There’s no worry about finding somewhere to eat here. Whether you are trekking to see the bridges, riding the trams or wandering through downtown, most of the restaurants will, at the very least, be vegan-friendly.

raw food stores

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  1. London

England has a bad reputation when it comes to food in general, but London is clawing it back with its vibrancy and multitude of offerings. Here you will find authentic cuisine from every corner of the globe, as well as some delectable vegan treats. From specialist bakeries to raw food cafes, gourmet restaurants to posh hotels, you really can take your pick. If they’re not dedicated to veganism they can still be relied on to cheerfully offer you one or two options that are sure to keep your taste buds happy.

  1. Portland

You’ll have heard about Portland’s reputation as a haven for vegans and vegetarians alike. Voted one of the most liveable cities in the world, this friendly spot boast over twenty dedicated veggie restaurants. So you may need longer than a week in this city to do them all justice!

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