Top 6 Energy Teas for Travelers

Travelers need to have energy in order to wander the world and enjoy the wonderful views that exist on this earth. I have tested this on my own every single time I went on exploring a new place. Today was the most recent experience when I walked around Coruna without stopping for breaks. My feet hurt so much I don’t even feel them anymore. But the memories will stick for life.

This is the reason why I started thinking about drinks that I could carry with me on trips in order to give me more energy. Some of the following will prove to be excellent for this. Check this article

Top 6 Energy Teas for Intense Traveling

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1. Black Tea – up to know I avoided drinking black tea because I had the impression it’s toxic for your health. But apparently it isn’t. It is made out of the leaves of a plant named Camellia sinensis and it is a boost of energy. This is made through the process of fermentation of the tea leaves. These are left for a few hours before they are heated or dried. Due to the fermentation process the tea gets its black color and elevates its caffeine levels. These will keep you pumped for the whole day.

2. Ginkgo – this plant improves the energy flow of the cells because it increases the production of ATP in the body. This substance helps the brain to metabolize glucose and release energy, improving the mental functions. This plant it perfect when you feel mentally tired this is why it is recommended during the sessions of exams or during stressful times.

3. Yerba Mate – yerba mate is an energizing drink that is made out of brewed plant leaves and originates from the region of South America. For this drink the leaves and stems of a tree found in the subtropical rainforest are used.  They contain caffeine, but a type of caffeine that doesn’t have the same brutal effect as ordinary caffeinated drinks. And aside from the caffeine, yerba mate comes with minerals, vitamins and amino acids that give an energizing effect.

4. Siberian Ginseng – this is a popular drink used by athletes. But you don’t have to be a professional athlete to drink it. This plant is great at reducing fatigue, increasing stamina and eliminating the effects of stress. And if you don’t like drinking tea, you can also take Siberian ginseng as pills or capsules.

5. Stinging Nettle – this plant might be the perfect answer for when you feel tired and without any energy. The infusion of stinging nettle will give your body the right type of energy without having negative effects. Due to their amounts of vitamins and minerals, this infusion will fill your body with the right stamina to go through a hard day. And the best part is that you can store it in the refrigerator for a few days because it doesn’t lose its stimulating properties.

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6. Rosehip – this tea is a great source of vitamin C and its perfect for rejuvenation, protecting the skin from the anti-aging effects. It tastes like berries, it is extremely refreshing and it will help you start your morning in a fantastic manner. You can combine this tea with other similar ones like rooibos, green or jasmine and get your personal flavor.

Whenever you feel a little run down, try drinking these teas and you will notice the difference in the shortest period of time. This will help you travel more and enjoy every step of the experience!

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