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Whether you believe in ghosts or not, today is Halloween and if you want to be hip, you obey the rules! In 24 hours people go crazy and all you see on the streets, in bars, restaurants and cafes are Halloween related decorations and parties. Even hotels get into the spooky spirit. It is true that some of them take their job a little too serious.

Are you curious to discover top 7 of the most famous hunted hotels in the world? Take a look at the following list!

Top 7 Haunted Hotels in the World

1. Hotel Burchianti, Italy – this hotel in Florence is popular in Italy as being full of ghosts. Most guests claim that they have seen a woman knitting in a chair, kids running down the halls or maids doing their cleaning jobs early in the morning. This hotel was also visited by Benito Mussolini who stayed at the Fresco Room. Those who’ve have the ‘luck’ to stay in the same room said that they felt a cold breath on their faces and felt they were being watched by someone. (gulp)

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2. Hotel Chelsea, US – now this is a hotel I like, dominated by artistic spirits. Oups! This hotel is located in New York and it was build in 1884, receiving during the years stars like Janis Joplin, Andy Warhol or Bob Dylan. And that’s not all. The famous poet Dylan Thomas stayed at the hotel and apparently he forgot to ‘check out.’ After a night of heavy drinking, his body was discovered in the morning, but his spirit must have liked it there. Thank God this hotel is big enough because people say that on the 8th floor you can bump into Thomas Wolfe, the American novelist. And to have all the hotel covered, Sid Vicious, a former member of the Sex Pistols is supposedly guarding the east elevator of the hotel (he is also a suspect of stabbing his girlfriend in room 100).

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3. Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taiwan – this luxurious resort was constructed over a wartime political prison. As you can expect lots of people have been executed here and they were not that happy about this. In order to get rid of spirits and all sorts of ghosts, the staff of the hotel placed a Chinese sutra and different sacred elements that are supposed to keep the evil away and the clients inside.

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4. Langham Hotel, London – this hotel was opened in 1865 and it was visited by many literary geniuses like Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. And these are not the only guests. Some reported seeing a man dressed in a Victorian evening gown in Room 333, especially during the month of October. Another legend talks about a military man who ‘lives’ at the 4th floor and stands by the window. He is believed to have jumped out the window before the First World War began.

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5. Karosta Prison Hostel, Latvia – this prison was used as a Soviet and Nazi military prison at the beginning of the 20th century. What better place to build a hotel than here, right? It’s no wonder that now guests are experiencing lots of paranormal activities. Of course, you come here for the fun of being treated like a prisoner and instead of bedtime stories, the staff tells you different guest stories about doors that open out of nowhere, ghosts that wander the lobby or the corridors and so on.

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6. Dragsholm Slot, Denmark – this is a castle built in the 12th century and has 3 recurrent guests: the White Lady, the Earl of Bothwell, the Grey Lady. While renovating, workers came across a skeleton that was incorporated inside the walls, wearing a white dress. Apparently, she was the daughter of a nobleman who was imprisoned there by her father because the fell in love with a poor man.

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7. Hollywood Roosevelt, US – and last but not least we’ve returned to the US. Some guests claim they’ve seen the ghost of Marilyn Monroe sensually walking through the Tropicana Night Club. Others say that the ghost of Montgomery Clift was playing the trombone. Apparently he visited the hotel in 1953 and he liked it so much he decided to stay. Forever!

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What spooky stories do you have for Halloween?

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