When planning your journey, pick Asia as your ideal destination. In Asia, some beautiful sites make a holiday experience admirable for all the visitors. There are many countries in the Asian continent that you can choose from; limitless places for travel await you. This article helps you make an informed choice about your trip.

Whether you travel with family, friends or a work team here, you get a good head start. What you need is your backpack to carry your few touring necessities. Next is an exploration of Top 7 places for budget travel in Asia.

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Hokkaido Japan

Japan is a highly industrialized country with its residents executing lots of work that drives this first world country. When planning a visit to Japan, consider moving outside the cities for real fun. One place that an adventure like you should visit is Hokkaido.

In your escapades at Hokkaido, you find humongous national parks, forests and snowy slopes that make everything crazy fun.

Hokkaido is home to Shukotsu Toya National park where you find a pair of beautiful lakes. In the same environment, there is a different volcano that emerged in the year 1943. Skiing is the primary activity that you cannot afford to miss!

In this particular place, many pieces of ice and snow festivals offer memorable experiences for visitors. Out of all the celebrations, the most recommended one is the Sapporo’s giant Yuki Matsuri. Conceivably, the main reason for the liking of this festival is because of the decongested and remote environment where it happens.

If there is any untouched place in the face of the planet, then Hokkaido is that place. There, a visitor gets a real feeling of remote coolness. For hiking and snowy plays, Hokkaido is undoubtedly a perfect environment. What you should not forget the best hiking backpack under 100$, it works fine for such a steep trek because it is light and convenient.

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Hoi An Vietnam

Hanoi An is a world heritage site listed by UNESCO. There are historical sites, a fishing port and the most magnificent shingle beaches in Vietnam. That is a home of historical sites dating back to the 15th century. The Japanese covered bridge is the primary source of attraction in this beautiful place. This bridge leads to a museum that is very affordable to a backpack traveler.

Kayak tours are prominent at Hanoi An where Bamboo Kayaks offer a unique experience to visitors. In this place, you get a sense of the hospitality of the Vietnamese. Sharing a local meal with a family is a great way to enjoy the local culture.

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Boryeong Mud Festival

Korea offers fantastic opportunities for travel. During a visit to South Korea, plan it to coincide with Boryeong Mud Festival. That is a fun festival that you should take part in only because of the health benefits that come with it.

The festival started in the year 1998 and now happens annually in July. Millions of travelers from all over the world flock the Boryeong mud festivities every year. The locals value this festival a lot and believe that health benefits gain from the mud smearing. The minerals in the mud have many minerals, and germanium is beneficial to the skin.

The next to the last experience of the festival happens at Daecheon beach. For the fun lovers and the social animals, this is the place to be.

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Cheonggyecheon Stream

Ever thought of making a trip to the world’s most extended stream made by man? Yes, created by man so that you do not confuse it with a natural flow. The Cheonggyecheon Stream runs for a whopping 11 kilometers. That is too long for human hands, isn’t it? Maybe not so for the South Korean people.

In the years between 1392 and 1910, the Joseon dynasty constructed the Cheonggyecheon Stream. That became a unique land mark up to the 1950s when the Korean place was at its worst. In that period, South Koreans laid an elevated highway over the stream killing it entirely. That changed in 2003 when the restoration of the stream happened. After the removal of the high road, the stream leads as a place of attraction in entire South Korea.

Other 22 bridges leading to Hangang River create a scenic view for any traveler in Cheonggyecheon. Then there is the Cheonggyecheon museum as the additional attraction that one cannot afford to miss during a trip to Korea. From September 2005 when the museum opened its door, admission is free which makes it a favorite place for adventurers.

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The Central Highlands Vietnam

Away from the ordinary travel to beaches and museum visits, the Central Highlands of Vietnam provides a different opportunity for exploration of Vietnam countryside. What someone gets in this place is fulfilling and satisfying.

In the highland, you get the sights of scary and beautiful waterfalls, smart ranges, and misty ranges. These are top on the list of things for your view in the Central Highlands.

One particular area is the plateaux of the Truong Son Mountains. The mesas offer you an extended sight in Vietnam farms. There, you will enjoy views from the many plantations of cash crops in Vietnam. The estates include those of crops like tea, coffee, rubber, hardwoods, and Silk. Where the plantations end, welcomes the forest. In Danang and Hanoi, be sure of a meet with the elephants and bears.

If you rarely see gibbons in your place, that is the places where you see them play and jump tree to tree in style. The Saigon of South Korea hunt in the forest as well, you get to meet them in action as well.

In your mountain treks, you enjoy the rolling mist and scenic viewpoints. At Da Lat, the peak of the highland, you view the city from an elevation that is charming. May to October is the best time to visit these highlands. At this time the place is wet and inaccessible which becomes a fun trek for you and friends struggling with the muddy trails.

Other areas that surround the highland include the Lak Lake, Yok Don National Park, Pleiku and Bahnar. All give a suitable experience for you!

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Kashmir Valley

For a family leisure travel, think of Kashmir valley in India. In Kashmir valley, river walks along the Lidder River is the fantastic experience. Also, if you want a skiing experience, Aru valley is the best place for that particular leisure.

A cable car ride gives a traveler a real sense of the valley. For the ones who fear heights, the trip essentially gives you a terrific view especially for glacial peaks overlooking the valley.

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Art lovers love Xian and its many artifacts. Terra Cota leads as the destination of choice in this part of China. The museum houses over 8,000 statutes and 2,000 years old excavation are dating back to 2,000 years.

In this ancient city, the walls give you a sense of the rich historical background of the place. For the Muslim visitors, old mosques offer the spiritual nourishment during your travel.

Be sure to enjoy your Asian trip as you enjoy these delightful places. After all, with globalization, the world is just one small planet.

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