The arrival of the cold weather, the darker mornings, and the shorter days can make many people reach for the travel brochures, eagerly awaiting inspiration for their winter getaway to jump out of the pages. Fear not! If you are seeking something different and special to finish this year on the right foot, below are three destinations to explore before 2019. Each one offers something unique and memorable, whether you’re searching for sun, sea, sand, or wonderful, alluring cities.

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For Christmas Lovers

If this wonderful season brings to mind all things red and green, don’t miss out on exploring the incredible Christmas markets Europe has to offer. In particular, Lucia Christmas Market in Berlin is one you simply cannot miss. This seasonal goodness is named after the Nordic goddess of light, and is a feast for the eyes, ears, and nose, with the traditional handicrafts, food and drink on offer. Why not try Stollen, a dense fruit Christmas cake which is either savory or sweet. Or for those hoping for something a bit healthier, opt for chocolate covered fruit skewers instead! The market opens its doors in November and runs until 23rd December. If this location calls to you, why not consider hiring a rental car to get from A to B, rather than relying on public transport? You can find out more with Advantage, and pick up your car straight from the airport.

For Those Seeking Luxury

If your winter getaway is your chance to relax, refresh, and get ready for a new year at work, why not treat yourself to a luxury vacation? If thinking of luxury brings up sun-drenched beaches, cocktails by the pool, and a week (or two!) of doing nothing but unwinding, choose the Bahamas for a vacation in paradise. With an abundance of luxury, five-star resorts, this awe-inspiring destination is one where you truly can lie back and watch the world go by. For something memorable and different, take a trip on a boat to Exuma Cays where you can swim with pigs. The white sand beaches of the Exuma, which is a collection of beautiful 365 tiny islands, are home to these amazing creatures who greet you like happy dogs.

For Adventure Seekers

If this winter you are hoping for something which will thrill, excite, and create unrivaled memories, opt for an adventure getaway, rather than one where you recline all day long. For those wanting something different, choose the Patagonia region in Argentina, where the summer season runs from December to February. The vast number of exciting activities you can do here are limitless, including hiking through the beautiful landscape, walking among glacial lakes, and horseback riding. You can also choose to experience the wonders of Buenos Aires, which is an eclectic mix of grand European architecture and Latin wonders. It’s a passionate and invigorating city, where you can attend an exciting soccer match, savor South American delicacies and find a city where you can truly let loose and feel right at home.

Winter is the ideal season to explore somewhere new, and enjoy a getaway from your desk and the cold, wet weather. It’s the season where you can discover brand new experiences, refreshing yourself ready for 2019, so what are you waiting for?

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