Travel Around in the Portable Capsule

When you are in the mood to experiment new things and try new methods of living you load your car with a tent and everything you need to survive into the wild a few days or weeks and you run away. But what happens when you are not ready to give up electricity or a more comfortable lifestyle?

The Slovakian architects thought about that and invented Ecocapsule. This is a little egg-shaped space that measures 2.55 m x 4.45 m x 2.25 m. When you look at the measurements you kind of want to scream because it looks like a tiny coffin. But this capsule promises more and delivers it all.

What to know about it?

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This little capsule fits two adults and it is equipped with 2.6 square-meters of solar panels and a 750 W wind turbine. In addition to this, the Ecocapsule has 9,744 Watt hours batery that can keep you comfortable even when the weather outside is terrible.

What’s inside?

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Inside you can find a shower, a toilet, a bed, a table, a mini-kitchen and storage space. Furthermore, there is a pod created to collect the rainwater and storage into a tank located below the floor of the pod. While the water circulates it goes through a membrane that filters it, removing bacteria. Because the walls are insulated properly, they can maintain the temperature of the pod. And what is even more amazing is that the capsule can charge your electric car. The design was made public at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, in May but no price was announced yet.

Is this amazing or not? Think about the fact that soon enough you will be able to take your home and carry it all around the world. Think about the places you will see. Oh, the beauty!

How much will you be willing to pay for your own flexible home?

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