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TTOT = Travel Talk on Twitter

#TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter is the travel community’s largest Twitter chat, held every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. (GMT).

(Use the hashtag #TTOT for your travel tweets during the week!)

#TTOT – The Chat: It occurs * twice * every Tuesday: 9:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time

Check out a world clock and meeting planner to find out where this time is in your part of the world.

Just copy, paste and tweet each question at the right time. Then join the discussion and have fun!

Around 9:15 a.m. GMT (or similar tweets):

Get ready for #TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter:! Today’s topic: ‘ril Travel Fools’

Join the fun on Travel Talk on Twitter by searching for #TTOT on Twitter, then clicking the “Latest” option.

Take part in TRAVEL TALK ON TWITTER. Find #TTOT and click on the „Recent” option. You can find today’s 5 travel questions here:

Travel talk on Twitter

Travel Talk on Twitter Questions

9:30 a.m. and GMT:
Q1 via @hendrikmorkel: COVID19 All restrictions will be lifted, BUT only for today! Where would you go today #TDEAD

9:40 a.m. GMT:
Q2 via @TravelDudes: Have you seen / read travel-related fools today? Which one? #TDEAD

9:50 am GMT:
Q3 via @TravelDudes: Let’s create our own “ril Travel Fools” together. Let’s get started, then we’ll choose the best and share them! #TDEAD

10:00 am and GMT:
Q4 via @charlesmccool: What is the best or worst prank you participated in? #TDEAD

10:10 am GMT:
Q5 via @hendrikmorkel: The worst weather you have ever experienced while traveling? #TDEAD

Topic next week to tweet about:

Be the FIRST to suggest your #TTOT #travel # chat questions and see yourself introduced in the next # TTOT chat:
Next # TTOT topic: ‘Traveling with Children’

Please help promote the topic a few times over the next week!

Next topics:

March 30: 1. by ril – ril Travel Fools
6. ril: Traveling with children
13th ril: Customs & Migration
20th ril: Coronavirus
27. ril: Technology-free travel
May 4th: Emergencies abroad

More information about the Travel Talk on Twitter:

Travel Talk on Twitter is a social media travel event and social travel hashtag on Twitter. Look out for the hashtag #TTOT

#TTOT basics for the event:

* There are 2 # TTOT sessions. So all travel tweeters can take part in every time zone! (And the fun doesn’t just end because #TTOT does it. You can respond throughout the day.)

* The hosts send 5 questions. A new question is asked every 10 minutes.

Facebook site: This page lets you see what’s next, but even better … you can submit your questions and with luck, your question may be selected for #TTOT! So be creative! (And don’t forget to include your Twitter handle so we can credit you during the event.)

#TTOT – The hashtag:

Whenever you need travel-related help …
Whenever you have a question for your travels …
Whenever you tweet about travel … just add it to your tweet! It’s short and a very popular hashtag!

Travelers around the world will be on the lookout for it and will also use it to tweet about their passion …


It’s not a single company hashtag … It’s YOUR … It’s OUR social travel hashtag!

You can use #TTOT throughout the week to flag your travel-related tweets and get the attention of other members of the #TTOT community. Twitter is about being social and it starts with a simple #TTOT.

# TTOT promises you:

1) We are committed to being as open as possible.
2) We promise to take all criticism and ideas with the utmost seriousness and respect. Let us know if you think anything needs to change in order for us to better serve the Twitter travel community.
3) We will not use your Tweets for external publications without your knowledge and consent.

That being said, don’t be surprised if you end up in a #TTOT rec. If you’re surprised, we hope it’s in a good way. However, please don’t assume #TTOT is running the recs like we don’t. If you do not want to be included in a recording, contact that person directly.