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As the pandemic progressed, I’ve watched so many people discover new hobbies, from baking and decorating elaborate cakes to handicrafts Ring harness Dandruff like my favorite foods. Unfortunately, I’m nowhere near as talented as these people, so I made something a lot easier: I fell in love with writing things by hand again, especially shopping lists.

Since I have to look at screens most of the day for my job, I wanted to take whatever opportunity I had to unplug it, and handwritten shopping lists – rather than relying on ap on my phone – seemed like a step in the right direction Direction to be. Writing lists, especially by hand, is a very tedious task, but this ritual gives me a level of satisfaction and represents a bite-sized project that I actually complete consistently. Sure, it’s not a novel or a script, but when I get the chance to tell myself, „Hey, you did something from start to finish,” it means a lot.

I’ve found particular comfort in getting creative with how I write my lists, from using glitter gel pens to adding on Food shed stickers next to every object, which makes me feel like a creative genius. (If you need help getting started, I recommend reaching out to NYC Yoseka stationery for supplies: To begin this list-making journey, I bought my first planner, the glorious one Hobonichi Techowhere I’ll be able to keep track of the ingredients I need for recipes – like this birthday cake butter mochi – that I’ve bookmarked so that I can refer to them later when I do the same thing all over again would like to.)

I understand that making a shopping list on my phone is easier. After all, I carry it around with me everywhere. But it was nice to have to rely on my hobonichi when I’m in the supermarket. And because there are a few days between writing these lists and shopping, it’s great to open up a colorful page after a long day at work. I imagined the book as a little friend.

It is absolutely delightful to walk into a grocery store, whip my planner, and open up to a handwritten and decorated grocery list. Not only is my notebook a reminder that I supported one of my favorite local companies, but the memory of the time I spent lovingly writing and pasting these pages also makes my shopping experience enjoyable. Not to mention, I don’t buy things that I don’t need. Have you ever been to Target without a list? It is a dangerous game!

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