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What Types of Travelers Do You Know?

Traveling is the perfect opportunity to visit unique sights, gain spiritual wealth and meet a bunch of people. While for the first two things we cannot always guarantee, the last one is surely an important factor in every journey you take.

Reading about the types of travelers that exist in this world might help you gain insight and prepare yourself for the adventure that is yet to begin. And if you already have a certain experience in traveling, let’s see how many types of travelers can you recognize from the following list.

Who Else Knows These Common Types of Travelers?

All people travel but they don’t travel all in the same manner nor do they remain with the same experiences afterwards. However, wherever you will travel you will come across the following types of travelers. Just because.

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The Self-Finder – this person has just finished reading ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and considers that their life could actually benefit from an upgrade by traveling around the world. Usually, this breakthrough comes after experiencing an important change that disrupts their entire life (break-up, fired from their job or discovering they have a gay brother).

The Partier – if out of curiosity you are interested in knowing which club is the best or where you can go to have a great, wild night, this guy is your pick. You will recognize him through the multitude of people that greet him, the deep, dark circles that extend up to his mouth and the traces of neon paint or bracelets gathered from the clubs he’s visited the night before.

The Visitor – and I don’t mean visiting places, but relatives or friends. Usually, this person has relatives spread around the world so he takes advantage of the option of free accommodation. He plans a moderate to long vacation and he enjoys the status of guest. Sometimes week after week. After week!

The Sea-Obsessed – I admit I fall into this category. Over and over again. Wherever you have the beach and the sea/ocean close you can be sure you’ll find this type of traveler. Usually they go towards exotic destinations where the turquoise waters can look good on Facebook. However, if it’s true love you will also find them around waters less luxurious.

The Backpacker – this is the type of person that knows time’s a moody lady and tries to live life as it comes. They go with the flow, have no definite plan and are curious to discover the world. Everything they might possibly need is in that backpack, so why say ‘no’ to opportunity?

The Couple – yes, we’ve all come across this type of travelers. They have a common passion for traveling and they do their thing without too much interest for what happens outside their world. Some might be more social while others prefer to do things without any intrusions. And they will tell you that to your face (in one way or another).

The Gap Year – how I would have loved to be 18-19 and to have the luxury of taking a gap year. This usually happens among those who haven’t quite decided what to do with their life and they want to travel around without the pressure of ‘getting an education.’ You can recognize them by the blank look filled with optimism or by the spiritual innocence that makes them believe all people are nice.

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You can learn a lot of things from these types of travelers. How to enjoy life, how to be humble and how to meet people that will influence your personality. Every little thing can help you grow and every person you come across can make you want more from yourself.  The question is: are you up for that?