Understand Russia

Understand Russia

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The first questions people typically ask a Russian: “Is it always very cold in Russia?” and “Do you always drink vodka?” This book answers these and many more real questions sent by people living in 100+ countries. Although Russia is in the world news a lot, it is still a black box. Media outlets mostly cover such topics as politics, international relations, and current events, and multiple guide books provide practical information for tourists. However, none of those sources provide an in-depth understanding of day-to-day life in Russia. This book gives readers an insider’s view on the psychology and habits of Russian people, describes how people live their daily life now as opposed to during the Soviet era, and helps its readers to understand the past, present, and future of Russia. The author, Tanya Golubeva was born in Moscow at the time, when the country was still called USSR. Her personal story is quite unusual, she had a unique opportunity to travel and live in other countries even before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Embracing different cultures and learning about cross-cultural differences has become her passion. Finally, she decided to write the blog and later the book, that will help you to Understand Russia. Discover, be surprised, laugh, and enjoy!

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