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I didn’t say this, scientists did!

Apparently if you want to work better, increase productivity and feel more creative, taking a vacation is the best thing you could ever do. We’re not going to argue with that, will we? The truth is that humans are not designed to work without breaks. That’s what robots are for!

There have been many studies focused on this subject and all of them prove that often vacations can lead to a stronger workplace moral, excellent health benefits, better productivity and impressive employee retention.

Work Smart, Not Hard

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During vacations our brains disconnect, an activity that influences creativity, the cognitive functions and rises the levels of happiness. I mean, seriously, have you seen any person coming back from vacation with a sour face? I doubt it!

In addition to this, often breaks lead to an improvement of the economy and a better lifestyle for everyone. So it’s sort of a win-win situation! Oxford Economics developed a study which revealed that if Americans would use all the vacation days they are allotted, the economy would benefit from $21 billion in tax revenues and $160 billion in total business.

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But why more vacations and not things?  Wouldn’t it be more advantageous for a business’ productivity if employees would receive material items (suits, pens, purses, etc.)? Isn’t this what we are working for? But according to Martin Zwilling (collaborator to Forbes magazine) „evidence indicates that providing new positive life experiences (for example, a hot-air balloon ride, wine-tasting class, or vacation to Italy) tends to provide a greater happiness boost than spending a comparable amount on material objects (flat-screen television, fancy suit, or purse).”

To remember: if you want to feel happy at your workplace, increase your productivity, creativity and self-esteem, go on vacations. Take the days off that you receive and let your brain rest. You will notice the difference!

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