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Viajero Pilates Bar Kit for Portable Home Gym Workout – 2 Latex Exercise Resistance Band – 3-Section Sticks – All-in-one Strength Weights Equipment for Body Fitness Squat Yoga with E-Book & Video

Price: $29.98
(as of Mar 05,2021 15:57:55 UTC – Details)

Product Description


2020 Upgraded 3-Section Pilates Stick with Nature Latex Resistance Bands

Got no time to head down to your local gym every day because of your busy lifestyle? Do not want to par the expensive gym fee?

With Viajero powerful Pilates Stick Bar, carry-on gyms, you can enjoy a full body workout without even stepping out of your home. Take your workout with you, wherever you go, anytime, anywhere.



Viajero has made many upgrades and improvements to this new Pilates bar, making it better than any old version.

1. 3-Section Removable Assembly design, total weight under 3 lbs for a Potable GYM. Easy storage and portability.2. Features 2 pcs 100% nature latex resistance bands (50 lbs) that can be stretched to 6-10 times its length without breaking.100% resilience.3. Simply roll the tubes around the bar to reach your desired amount of tension for an all-over-body workout.4. A comfortable EVA foam cover provides a non-slip & anti-sweat grip.5. Extremely durable nylon foot straps are big enough to fit most foot sizes.

NOTE: It is a normal phenomenon of natural latex if a layer of white powder covers it after a long time of inactivity. Just ignore or wipe them with a dry cloth.

How to Adjust the Length of the Resistance Bands Correctly?








Important Note: Please wrap the resistance tubes all on the foam part of the stick like the left picture, not just straightly on the steel stick like the right picture. Otherwise, the resistance tubes can not be tightly wound on the bar, will slide straightly, and then can not adjust the length of the resistance tubes.


Simply roll the tubes around the bar to reach your desired amount of tension.

Please DO NOT wrap the resistance tubes directly around the both ends of the iron pipe.

100% natural latex bands

Our resistance band is made with 100% natural latex. 50 lbs strong wear resistance and perfect elasticity will not dry out, snap, or deform. Different from TPE that can be stretched to 10 times its length without breaking or losing its shape, providing stronger tension and 100% resilience.


Provides a comfortable and full-body workout to keep your entire body toned and healthy!



Package Includes:

1 * 3-Section Purple Pilates Bar (14.6 inch, 15.7 inch, 14.6inch)2 * 49 inch Latex Resistance Band (50 lbs)2 * 18.5 inch Foot Loop1 * Workout Instruction

Simulates Various Gym Equipment with an All-in-one Complete Workout. PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, DETACHABLE


Simulates various gym equipment (such as barbell or resistance tubing) with an all-in-one complete workout- squats, bench press, curls, rowing, etc. Tones arms, legs, abs, glutes, upper and lower back, chest and butt. Improves flexibility. Suitable for any fitness level.

3-piece design provides easy attachment/detachment for home or travel with convenient storage and portability. Take your workout with you, wherever you go, any time, anywhere.


【2020 Upgraded 3-Section Pilates Bar Kit with 2 Powerful Latex Resistance Bands】Viajero pilates reformer is Greatly designed with 2 nature resistance bands, 3-Section assembly Removable design for any fitness level with an all-in-one full-body workout. A powerful, durable, potable and multi-functional home gym equipment.
【3-Bars Assembly for Potable Home Gym】Comes with 3-Section Removable 15”-bars made of solid iron pipe, firm and durable, and quickly assemble into a 46.4” long bar by simply twisting the threaded ends together, easy storage and portability for women and men to use at home, gym, office, or travel. A comfortable EVA foam cover provides a non-slip & anti-sweat grip.
【Nature Latex Resistance Bands with Adjustable Tension】Viajero Pilates stick features 2 pics nature latex resistance bands that can be stretched to 6 times its length without breaking. Simply roll the tubes around the bar to reach your desired amount of tension for a variety of exercises for an all-over-body yoga strength workout.
【All-in-one Powerful Gym Equipment】Viajero Pilates stick is designed as an all-in-one gym equipment without the gym to shape body, build muscle, lose weight, and provide a crossfit workout. Tones arms, chest, abs, glutes, legs and butt. Simulates various gym equipment with an all-in-one complete workout- squats, bench press, curls, rowing, etc
【Lifetime Warranty & Workout Guide Value】You can upgrade to a lifetime warranty, by simply contacting us to activate it. We’ll also process a 100% full refund if you are ever dissatisfied with our products. You will also receive the workout guide e-Book & video.