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France is one of the most popular touristic destinations for those hopeless romantic people who taste the world day by day. This is a country that has it all: from the ageless Eiffel Tour that has seen more love promises than the City Hall to the bohemian cafes that allure people with their charming atmosphere.

So you are in France with your partner or with the person who you hope will become part of your future. You are surrounded by laughter, serenity and love. Wherever you look, love and romance are flooding the country and leave no survivors. What can complete this picture than a perfect drink? The sweet taste and smell of a drink that will make your soul warm and fuzzy..

What Should I Drink: Top 5 French Drinks

-5- Chocolat l’ancienne – speaking of warmth and fuzziness of the soul. Chocolate is the only thing that can heal a broken heart and bring a couple together, both at the same time. And what can work better on a windy and rainy weather than rich, melted, dark chocolate served with whipped cream? You can also try to do it at home following this recipe.

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-4- Lillet – even James Bond prefered the lillet added in his Martini (remember Casino Royal?). Lillet is an aperitif wine that comes from the village of Podensac (it is a region located in the South of Bordeaux) and dates back to the 19th century. Raymond and Paul Lillet put the basis of Maison Lillet Frères that continue to produce the best wines in the region. The range of lillet divides between blanc, rose, rouge and can be combined with Martini or Sangria.

-3- Citron Pressé – unlike the hot chocolate which was the perfect remedy on a winter night, this drink is your perfect choice for a hot summer day. You will find this drink mostly in cafes and it is normally served in tall glasses with ice. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is added, next to water and sugar. You can decide the sweetness depending on your taste. You know how people speak another language when they’re drunk. Well, this drink might help you speak French impeccably.

-2- Absinthe – this is a bitter flavoured drink that has the nickname la Fée Verte (the green fairy). Should I explain why? This originates from Switzerland but it was first produced in France during the 19th century. Its popularity grew fast but the belief that absinthe leads to psychosis and criminality convinced authorities to ban it. Nowadays this drink is still banned but this doesn’t stop bars to sell something named spiritueux à base de plantes d’absinthe (spirit with an absinthe base). Especially after knowing that Hemingway, Wilde, Picasso or Degas used this liquor for inspiration.

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-1- Pastis – this is a very fashionable drink in the South of France (Marseilles and Provence). Its licorice flavor is absolutely delicious and it is normally diluted with cool spring water. The taste might remind you of the previously mentioned absinthe, aside from the hallucinations. So, drink up!

Which one would you choose when visiting France?

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