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Wellue Oxylink Wireless Wearable Health Monitor Bluetooth Pulse Meter with Audio Reminder in Free App – Wearable O2 Monitor Rechargeable

Price: $119.99
(as of Mar 07,2021 07:39:56 UTC – Details)


FREE APP FOR iOS AND ANDROID: Unlimited storage in App Vihealth, viewing real-time blood O2 & heart rate in App Dashboard. Connect the device with APP via Bluetooth.
COMFORTABLE SOFT RING SENSOR: The lightest, smallest ring sensor for overnight continuous monitoring, durable and adapt to most fingers.
AUDIO REMINDER IN DEVICE: The audio reminder in device will be triggered when the O2 level falls below the pre-set threshold, prevent from a low-O2 status. You can adjust the volumn and O2 threshold in APP.
AUDIO REMINDER IN APP DASHBOARD: The audio reminder in App Dashboard will be triggered when O2 level falls below the pre-set threshold. The reminder works only when your phone stayed in Dashboard and not locked.
PROFESSIONAL REPORT: Easily share and check graphic report and trends of blood O2, heart rate and body motion.