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Every day, we are forced to make decisions. Important or routine ones. From the moment we wake up and until the moment we go back to sleep, unconsciously or not, we take decisions that influence our lives in a small, but steady manner.

The battle between meat lovers and vegans started a long time ago and doesn’t seem to want to stop anytime soon. Everyone believes they are right in one way or another and want to prove they are right. Most recently, a new trend came into being for which people go vegan for only a few days or weeks. They call it cleansing or detoxification. 

Personally I admit being a passionate carnivore but this doesn’t mean that videos like the one below don’t impress me. The fact that we buy meat products from the supermarket make this transition easier and helps people forget about the journey undergone by the piece of meat that was not always a piece of meat.

The following video did make me think about the way in which we approach our future. And it’s not good news, unfortunately. What seemed most striking to me were the pink uniforms that tried to give this job a mellower aspect and the fact that at the end of the video, the doctor crosses a blue line over the guy’s belly, just like the one that marked the piglets. Isn’t that ironic?

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