What are the things I need to look for in a Maternity Health Insurance Plan?

Pregnancy is a process, which along with a child or two, brings along with it added expenses as well. Expenses are not restricted solely to the new addition to the family, but starts even before the arrival of the baby. Having a child is not a spur of the moment decision, but one that a couple together gives a lot of thought to and spends a great amount of time planning. One of the top priorities in their planning process is the security of the future of the child, mainly in terms of health and education. One such step that a couple takes in order to secure the health factor of their baby and the mother during and after the course of the pregnancy is to ensure that they have a maternity insurance.  

The biggest security that insurance provides is against finances but apart from that there are a bunch of health insurance benefits that a mother and child are eligible for. In order to ensure that they get the right kind of benefits, a basic knowledge is required on the subject which can be accessed through the comparison of various policies that are available online. Reading through all the benefits, inclusions as well as exclusions along with the terms and conditions, helps the family make a decision that is best suited to their needs and expectations.


Some of the features that a good insurance plan for maternity should cover are mentioned below. Some benefits will differ from policy to policy however there are features that are common across most of them and should be considered. Some of these basic features are mentioned below:

  • There are multiple visits to the doctor for regular checkups, diagnostic tests and in the case of any emergency. This usually comes along with a list of medicines prescribed by the doctor. The expenses for these should be covered by the policy.
  • There are times when apart from just during the delivery of the baby, a mother might have to be hospitalized before and sometimes even after the arrival. When this is during a certain range of days, usually 30 days before the delivery and 60 days after the delivery, the cost is covered by the insurance company. However, not the entire cost is borne by the company and some will have to be paid by the family as well. The percentage of this differs from company to company and should be made a note of to go for one that provides maximum coverage.
  • Expenses incurred during pre and post natal visits of the mother.
  • A child needs to be vaccinated against certain diseases and the cost for this is taken care of by the policy. Some policies cover the cost for up to one year after the arrival of the baby and some cover it for a period of up to twelve years after the arrival of the baby.
  • Expenses attached to any complications that may arise during the course of the pregnancy and even after the birth should be covered.
  • Some policies usually have the option of add on for the baby along with the mother. This either takes care of the baby for the first year or for a longer duration based on what is opted for.

These salient features should be a part of a good plan and must be taken into consideration at the time of securing the health of the mother and the child.

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