What do food manufacturers focus on when hiring big data roles?

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Big data is an area that has grown rapidly in a large number of industries in recent years – not least among food manufacturers.

Figures show that the number of new big data roles advertised by these companies has increased in recent months.

The number of newly advertised positions was 155 in the first quarter of 2021, compared to 117 in the last three months of the previous year and compared to 61 in the third quarter of 2020.

The numbers are compiled by GlobalData, which tracks the number of new job postings from key companies in various sectors over time. These job advertisements are then classified thematically by means of text analysis.

GlobalData’s thematic approach to sector activity aims to group key company information by topic to see which companies are best positioned to weather the upheavals that will affect their industries.

These key topics, which include big data, are selected to „cover all of the issues that keep a CEO up at night”.

If we track them across job advertisements, we can see which companies are leading on certain topics and which are lagging behind – and most importantly, where the market is expanding and shrinking.

Where are companies looking for big data careers in the food industry?

Looking at the top food manufacturing and supply companies tracked by GlobalData, France is currently seeing the largest number of big data job advertisements. In the most recent quarter, the country saw 46 ads – up from 47 in the fourth quarter of 2020 but up from 17 in the third quarter.

At the city level, Suresnes in France had the most newly-advertised big data roles in the first three months of the year with 21, followed by Minneolis with eight and Beijing with five.

Where are the big data roles in the food sector growing the most?

The biggest area of ​​growth is in France and in terms of cities, companies are increasing the hiring of big data in Barcelona.

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