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¨You are what you eat.¨ -Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

This phrase has known a lot of variations during the last centuries but it hasn’t stopped being true. People are directly influenced by what they introduce into their bodies. For instance, the idea that a diet high in fats can damage your health has become very popular lately. According to a study developed by the Cambridge University, the treadmill performance of the rats that were being tested declined by half after being fed for five days mainly with fats.

I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t sound good to me at all. Basically, the gist is that if you keep eating fries you’ll become dumber. Not good at all!

What is the Fat Burning Kitchen?

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If you click here you will come across an interesting book that is bound to make you ask yourself some vital questions.

This book contains information that will make you question your entire food habits. The main problems in your diet are related to whole wheat bread, sugar and vegetable oils. This might surprise you because these foods are a constant in your diet or just because you don’t see the harm in consuming them.

Well, by reading this book you will discover why everything you have been doing so far is wrong.

1. Whole wheat bread leads to blood sugar disruption, glycation of the cells, diabetes, weight gain and aging. Strongly related to this is the issue of the gluten allergies. There are hundreds of studies which have shown that gluten leads to inflammation in the digestive system and even autoimmune diseases.

2. Vegetable oils are killers. Well you surely didn’t expect that to happen now did you? The vegetable oil is made out of different types of oils (corn, canola, soybean, cottonseed oil) that are not that healthy for you. It contains plenty of oxidized fats that can attack the heart and screws up the balance between the Omega-6 and Omega-3 ratio.

3. Sugar doesn’t burn off! No matter how much you exercise after eating some sugar you will not manage to burn it off. Sugar will cause extreme fluctuations in your blood sugar and accelerate the rate of aging for most of your organs. And as everyone probably knows, sugar causes type 2 diabetes by wearing out the insulin and pancreas sensitivity.

What does Fat Burning Kitchen promote?

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– delicious meal ideas that can actually keep you full but can also fight against stomach burns and aging.

– the best types of nuts that can help you burn fat. You will be surprised to discover that some of the most popular types of nuts are not that healthy after all (on the other hand they can lead to weight gain). Learn how to make the difference between them!

– what type of cheese you should eat in order to suppress your appetite.

– wild-caught fish is excellent for your health but you have to know what type of fish to consume and which one should never be on your plate.

– what type of chocolate you can eat regularly without getting fatter or encouraging the aging process.

– sugar is toxic for your body so you need to discover which sweeteners are best for your morning coffee while still getting the best benefits for your health.

– the type of protein that will help you burn fat and gain muscles while giving you heart-healthy fatty acids.

What do you think so far? This books sounds promising, doesn’t it? Well, I am not going to ruin it for you any longer. Order the book and discover the magic!

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