One of the oldest skills that we have developed as humans is cooking. There was evidence that our early ancestors used to eat meat and plant parts without cooking them. However, the discovery of fire has changed that kind of practice. There was a theory that our ancestors started to cook the meat because it tasted better than raw. They didn’t even have any kind of knowledge about bacteria and infection back then. It was just a matter of taste and this became the norm for the entirety of our existence. We have been cooking a lot of animals and plants and we are not stopping anytime soon.

Cooking has also evolved in a lot of ways. There were a lot of techniques that were only used in a specific culture. Some were even considered sacred or difficult as these should not be done by someone who is untrained or apt for the techniques. Some cuisines were also distinguished according to style. Others were differentiated because of the ingredients used as it was only available in that area. Cooking styles were passed on from generation to generation. Recipes were either memorized or written down in a collection. In fact, it is a tradition for many families to keep their heirloom recipes in a cookbook for the next generation to read and use.

The advancement of technology has led to another movement of food techniques into the world. There have been a lot of inventions regarding food preparation and cooking. Non-stick pans became very popular because of its functionality. Electric appliances also became a new thing like mixers and juicer. Most of them were considered a fad during their time, but others became a necessity in the kitchen. They made cooking easier and better for everyone involved. Some of the newest cooking technology is discussed here.

New Techniques, Better Technology

One of the products that gained notoriety over the internet is the Instant Pot. You have tried making stews before as well as other similar recipes. Usually, stews (especially ones with beef) take a very long time to cook. The beef needs to tenderize and the sauce or soup needs the extra time to develop all of the flavors. Its great if you can prepare this ahead of time but most of us don’t have that. It is not a weekday dinner-friendly kind of meal, that’s for sure. Even though these recipes are really good during the fall to winter, there’s nothing you can do but stick to the same old soup.

The Instant Pot changes all of that. You can now create sumptuous and delicious stews and soups without waiting for hours! It has a pressure cooker function that can make most meats very tender in an hour. Preparation is also very easy as you can dump everything in the pot and just wait for it to finish cooking. Of course, this will depend on the recipe. You can also saute and braise using the Instant Pot. There are so many recipes that you can now do using the Instant Pot without wasting too much time.

However, there is a new electric pot in town that combines both the power of the Instant Pot and super powered blender. The Instapot Ace Blender can perform what the classic pot does with a very useful bonus feature. There are websites that sell this product and others.

Top Features Of The Instapot Ace Blender

  1. Pressure Cooker

One of the benefits of having this Instapot is still retains the function of the older version. It can still cook tough meats like beef and lamb, making them tender in just an hour or less. It can also cook almost anything else faster than the average stovetop or oven. As it saves time, you can just relax while eating something that’s supposed to be finished two hours later. Yet, it still tastes like it was simmered for a very long time.

  • Blender

One of the newer functions is the blender. It is said to be comparable to your regular blender and immersion blender. You can now do smoothies and other related beverages with ease. It also has an ice cream function which means it can cool and heat itself up. This needs some technique though, as ice cream can be quite difficult as a recipe in general. However, with this Instapot, you can make it work.

  • Alternative Milk Function

This is a new one as there isn’t anything like this in most other brands and appliance. There are a lot of reasons why alternative milk is being used these days. Some are just lactose intolerant and cannot drink or eat anything with dairy unless they want to experience diarrhea and other digestive problems. There are also some people who are allergic to dairy while some avoid it because they are vegan or against their religion. With this new Instapot, you can now create milk using soya, oats and nuts. It is a great addition to your diet and will make your life easier if you are afflicted with anything that makes you avoid dairy.

  • Instant Soup

Lastly, this pot can now make your favorite soup. What’s the difference now? You don’t even have to chop anything finely anymore. Just put everything in the pot, even peeled or unpeeled vegetables depending on the recipe. In minutes, you will have a thick soup that is already warm for you to enjoy. This is perfect for the fall and winter season, where a hot cup of freshly made soup is just what you need.

If you are buying this Instapot Ace Blender, you can actually save on appliance expenses because you are technically getting multiple appliances in one machine. This is perfect for those who are just starting with their life and needs to have new appliances in their homes. It saves space because the others will take up the space if you buy them all. However, if you already have some of the equipment that can do its job (like a blender and another Instant Pot), then maybe you should skip this one.

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