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What Should You Know about Black Tea?

I usually drink green tea. I know it’s good for me because my body responds well to it and it’s always a pleasure to read a book or start my day with a good cup of green tea in front of me. This is why, the fact that I bought black tea instead of green tea surprises me deeply. I was probably in dream land when buying it, thinking of a whole different thing.

The funny thing about it is that after drinking it I couldn’t go back to dream land. I fell asleep around 3 am and woke up at 7 am with so much energy that I could fight a war. And when I wanted to prepare myself another cup of tea I saw on the box that my green tea was in fact black. Not that I am racist or anything, but this green tea wannabe almost gave me tachycardia. So I considered it wiser to throw it out and search more information about it.

Check out what I found!

Where does it come from?

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Tea is pretty popular across the world, being the second most consumed beverage drink on the planet. And what is more curious is that black, green and white tea come from the same plant. So, what’s the difference between them? The difference lays in the content of antioxidants and caffeine. And, most importantly, in the fact that it is oxidized the longest. This way the leaves have a darker color and a more bitter taste. The black tea is made out of leaves of Camellia sinensis, a shrub that comes from Asian countries.

What benefits does it have?

Black tea has plenty of properties.

  • it’s seen as a mental stimulant;
  • it protects against dental carries;
  • prevents orthostatic hypertension;
  • it can be efficient in reducing problems like kidney stones, heart attacks, ovarian cancer or Parkinson’s disease.
  • it treats headaches due to the caffeine intake. Of course, this statement is debatable since some people claim that headaches are caused by the amount of caffeine we ingest.
  • improves digestion acting as a diuretic. This helps the body reset its water levels and increases the urine flow.
  • it can treat stomach disorders and fight against the development of kidney stones.

But what else does it do? 

Black tea can also have a few disadvantages.

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  • as mentioned before, caffeine can come with certain side effects like nervousness, irritability, confusion or sleep problems.
  • it can worsen some pre-existing conditions like anemia, anxiety, heart problems, high blood pressure and bleeding disorders.
  • it can be dangerous for unborn babies causing miscarriages and it can affect children who are breastfed affecting their bowl movements.
  • it can cause psychological dependence.
  • it can mess with the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Too much caffeine can stop the absorption of calcium and vitamin D.

So………. I think it depends on the body’s response to this tea. Some people accept it easier, others not as well. While I reacted poorly to it, others might really enjoy it. When in doubt, ask your doctor about it.

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