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What will Saweetie’s McDonald’s meal do about the chicken shortage ?!

McDonald’s announced that it is continuing the limited celebrity collaboration dinner series, this time with Rper Saweetie. The Saweetie MealDebuting on August 9th features a Big Mac, four-part Chicken McNuggets, medium-sized french fries, medium-sized sprite, tangy BBQ sauce, and something called „Saweetie ‘N Sour” sauce.

Lately Saweetie has emerged not only as a musician but also as a hobby chef. She published a number of recipes for things like “Oysters a la Top Ramen” and “Secret Alfredo Sauce” The wrestler, and will be featured in Paris Hilton’s new cooking show. Cooking with Paris. She also went viral for Apply ranch dressing to pasta. In a statement, Saweetie says she hopes her love of mixing flavors in her food will be an integral part of her food.

„McDonald and I have been around a long time – from childhood in Hayward, California to college – so I had to bring my icy ties to my all-time favorites.” she said. „Depending on the mood, there are so many ways to enjoy my order.”

McDonald’s posted an image of ways to mix and match the food, including french fries in the Big Mac or chicken McNuggets between the buns.

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MC Donalds

The meal is being launched at a time when the US is facing supply chain shortages for many stle ingredients, including chicken. Due in part to the fast food chicken sandwich wars (which McDonald’s recently tried to re-enter), Chicken supply is low, and chickens can’t hatch enough eggs To meet demand. „In addition to the breeding problems, the American chicken industry, which is mainly concentrated in the south, faced a severe winter storm in February that killed hundreds of thousands of birds.” according to Bloomberg. It’s gotten so bad that Popeyes started storing chicken before releasing its new chicken nuggets.

McDonald’s also had delivery problems with its celebrity collaborations. Travis Scott’s food was so popular that it became one Shortage of quarter pounders, and they had to ration ingredients to make sure each restaurant was adequately supplied. McDonald’s is likely ready to deal with a McNugget shortage, but where that could impact is prices. McDonald’s didn’t say how much the Saweetie meal would cost, just that prices „vary by location”. It would not be out of the question for McNuggets to be more expensive. At least until those chicken sandwich wars are over.