What You Must Know When Visiting Australia For The First Time

For many travellers, Australia is their once-in-a-lifetime-trip. In this country, all your dreams can come true and you can try almost everything, from a zero waste dinner meal experiences to breathtaking sceneries and unspoiled nature. 

However, before you can pack your stuff and leave for the next flight to Sydney, you must first ensure you know absolutely everything about visiting Australia for the first time.

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Australia is massive

If you are planning to book a 1-week trip to Australia to have a grasp of this country, you may need to reconsider your schedule. 

Australia is the world’s largest island. It is about the same size as mainland USA, for a total of almost 50,000 kilometres of coastline. Just to give you an idea of how large this country is, you should think that driving from Sydney to Perth would require at least five days to cover this 4,000-kilometre trip. If you are looking for your next Sydney accommodation, you will be happy to hear there are plenty of options and you will surely find something that is perfect for you. 

Don’t forget your latte

Australians are very proud of their coffee culture, and this country is the perfect paradise for every coffee lover. Melbourne’s signature drink is the flat white, a delicious espresso coffee with milk, with no foam. 

If you are not into coffee with milk, you will still not be disappointed. Café owners and baristas are ready to tempt you with all sorts of delicacies, such as espressos with organic butter or with a hint of fresh lime juice.

Sunscreen is your best friend

No matter if your spirit animal is a lizard sleeping under the sun, or if you are as pale as a vampire: you cannot survive more than a few hours in Australia without putting on a good sunscreen. 

Foreigners often tend to underestimate the Australian sun. However, if you don’t want to end up with an extreme sunburn, you must protect yourself from it.

Immerse yourself in nature

There are many ways to enjoy and experience the power and the beauty of nature in Australia.

First, you must see the Great Barrier Reef. It can be accessed either from the Whitsunday Islands, the city of Cairns or the beach town of Bundaberg. Alternatively, you can dive around the reef’s coral or fly over it in a helicopter. 

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Look out for the weather

Since Australia is an enormous country, not all cities share the same type of weather. For example, if you plan your visit for this summer, you must get ready to experience a variety of temperatures. In fact, some cities may have dryer summers, while others may be more humid.

Check out the weather before you arrive in Australia, and be always sure to have everything you may need in the case either of rain or boiling temperatures.

Take some time to go swimming

In Australia, you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you are in Sydney, you cannot miss the opportunity to go swimming at Bondi Beach, or at the Manly Beach. 

If you love swimming, Australia is the perfect country for you. Enjoying oneself on the sand of a cozy beach is an integral part of life for many locals. It is not uncommon to see Sydneysiders have a morning swim in the ocean before going to work and start their day. 


Kangaroos are one of the most famous symbols of Australia. Most importantly, they are cute. It is a common belief that you can easily find kangaroos walking through the street even in the city centre. 

Unfortunately, you must head to your closer wildlife sanctuary to have the honour to encounter one of those animals. Likewise, do not expect to just casually meet a koala while you sip some coffee on the beach.

Be ready to live your best life

Although it is impossible to summarize all the things you should know when visiting Australia for the first time, this guide should have given you a good grasp of what to expect.

It is basically impossible to get bored in Australia. Whether you love arts, music, nature, or you are just looking for a place to swim in the ocean, here you will find everything you are looking for.

Don’t forget to book an excellent hotel, so that you can have some rest between a good espresso coffee and a cozy afternoon at the beach.

But be aware: even if you think that visiting Australia will be your once-in-a-lifetime-trip, this country may be addictive. In other words, you may find yourself booking your next trip to Sydney before you know!

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