Michelin star restaurants are deemed the finest dining establishments in the world. The term is a hallmark of the highest restaurant quality, in other words; it is the crème de la crème of cuisine. That being said, if you’re a foodie searching for a new restaurant to celebrate a momentous occasion, chances are you’d want to do so in a Michelin star-rated one.

But where exactly can you find these fine dining establishments? Here’s a look at the Michelin Guide’s top countries, with the most Michelin star restaurants in its cities. Sneak preview? Japan wins hands down!

Japan (Tokyo)

The Guinness World Records noted that according to the Michelin Guide, Tokyo boasts 230 Michelin star restaurants, with a total of 308 Michelin stars. They also have 165 one star, 52 two star, and 13 three star restaurants.

Esteemed chef Jiro Ono holds the record for the longest running head chef for a three star Michelin star restaurant.

Photo source: youngsamurai.com

France (Paris)

This city currently has a total of 123 Michelin star restaurants, with a total of nine 3-Star restaurants.

If you’re thinking of celebrating with delicious meals here, why not try the Pierre Gagnaire, Le Cinq, or the L’Ambroise Michelin star restaurants.

Japan (Kyoto)

According to the Michelin Guide, the city has seven 3-Star restaurants. Three of these superb restaurants have held the title for 10 consecutive years.

They are the Hyotei, Kikunoi Honten, and the Kitcho Arashiyama Honten. Michelin Guide international director Gwendal Poullennec noted that Kyoto was the central city for Japanese cuisine.

Japan (Osaka)

The Michelin Guide refers to this city as the gourmet city. It has the 4th largest number of restaurants and a lively food culture, that spans over 16 various cuisine types ranging from pressed sushi, to spicy curries.

Osaka’s newest 1-Star restaurant, the Maeshiba Ryoriten, was also awarded the Bib Gourmand award since 2016 for its delish French bistro dishes.

USA (New York)

When you think about which countries have the most Michelin star restaurants, New York probably comes to foodie minds throughout the world. Oda House is renowned for its Asian cuisine, and if you can’t do without a juicy steak, then try Porter House. 

The Aquavit, Aska, and Blanca are 2-Star restaurants, while Atomix and the Blue Hill at Stone Barns are the newest additions to the list of fine dining eateries here.

UK (London) 

Michelin star-rated culinary institutions of note here include the Five Fields, The Glasshouse, and the Goring Dining Room. The Five Fields offers contemporary British cuisine, with a strong focus on British artisanal produce.

If tasty modern, European food with Asian touches are your thing and you’re in London, then the Glasshouse is the Michelin star restaurant for you. The Goring Dining Room is sheer sophistication, with its Edwardian decor and local dishes.

Hong Kong

Some Michelin star restaurants in this location are Din Tai Fung, Involtini, Tuen Mun, the Farm House, So Kee, and Otto e Mezzo.

Din Tai Fung focuses on Shanghainese cuisine, Involtini caters for those with a craving for Italian food, and Tuen Mun and the Famrhouse serves mouth-watering Cantonese food. If street food’s your thing, you have got to try So Keeo, and if you insist on Italian, then Otto e Mezzo has what you need.


If you’re in a foodie in Singapore, you simply have to try Jade Palace, especially if seafood tickles your fancy. Springleaf Prata Place offers street food, while the Basque Kitchen by Aitor has a range of decadent modern Basque cuisine.

If you love Australian dishes, you have got to get yourself to the Cheek Bistro, and for those who cannot live without French cuisine, Jag is the place to be! Alma caters to those who love European flavors, and Desmond’s Creation serves Singaporean dishes.  

Whatever your palate, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at these institutions. There’s just one condition; you have to come hungry! 

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