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Tapas. Tapear. Go out for tapas. They all suggest the same thing: eating small and delicious portions of food while you hang out with friends and family. While in some parts of Spain you get olives or chips to accompany your beer, in others you get to have a real feast just by ordering a beer. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Are you curious to discover which are the best types of tapas in Spain?

Some of the best tapas in Spain are………

Ajoblanco – it might seem unusual but it’s not as crazy as you might think. Ajoblanco is a type of garlic soup with cold almond that is served during the hot, summer months when you are too hot to eat anything else. It can be garnished with green grapes and it is a fantastic starter.

Pulpo a la gallega – I’m going to give you some inside information on this one. This dish is specific to the north-eastern part of Spain, called Galicia and it is made out of octopus with sweet paprika. Octopus is a pretty complicated dish to cook but the result will surely amaze you. The octopus has to be beaten in order to tenderize it and then cooked in salted water for 3-4 hours. The tentacles are cut into pieces and served with olive oil, chopped garlic and paprika.

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Berenjenas con miel – at first I thought this is disgusting. I don’t normally eat eggplant (berenjenas) so combining them with honey seemed even more ridiculous. But then I got shamed into tasting it by my Spanish friend. It is completely surprising and not at all gross. The thin slices of eggplant are friend in fresh oil and a bit of cane honey is drizzled on top. These tapas are specific to Malaga and they are a must try.

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Marcona almonds – another type of tapas coming from Malaga. It’s simple but it’s addictive. Believe me, I once eat them all day for an entire week. And I still drool at the mere thought of it. These almonds are friend and salted and are served in the historic center or at the fruit and vegetable shops around the city. Trust me: you won’t get enough.

Albondigas en salsa – welcome to the place where albondigas (meatballs) are served as snacks. These are drowned in a tomatoes salsa with parsley or saffron. And they go great with beer or wine.

Tortilla española – I should have led with this one actually, since it’s one of the most famous ones. It’s an omelet made out of egg and potatoes that tastes divine. As tapa, it is served at room temperature, cut in little pieces. And the Spaniards love it! Tip: You will too!

Porra – be very careful to ask for porra and not for porro (pot) when you place your order. Porra is a type of tomato soup served cold that contains tomatoes, olive oile, garlic and pieces of stale bread. The traditional porra (antequerana) is topped with boiled egg, ham or tuna.

Which one is your favorite?

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