Why Motorhomes Are Better – And Cheaper – To Live In

The New Year is coming right up! 2020 is just around the corner and is waiting to come into our lives. A new year should come with a new perspective in life and a better way of living. Why not spice things up and get into a little adventure? Go see places you’ve never been to! Experience something new and dive right into the unknown world. Everyone wants to live life to the fullest and some who are brave enough to leave their comfort zone do so.


It is a risk leaving everything behind to go seek adventure; to leave all the work that you’ve gotten used to (check this out). Well, you can always bring everything you own, work on the road and drive anywhere. Motorhomes, now this is an answer to what you need to go on an adventure at the comfort of your home. More and more people are sold to this kind of living. Well, what is a motorhome? It is a kind of vehicle, a recreational one that is self-propelled and offers living accommodation while on the road.

It is also known as RV for most people. This kind of vehicle lets you drive anywhere bringing everything you need while on the road. You can sleep, cook, dine, relax, and even take a bath in this amazing creation. This is a big step. But like everything else in your life, it’s worth a try. Check out why this big change might be good for your soul: https://lifehacker.com/the-science-of-breaking-out-of-your-comfort-zone-and-w-656426705.

3 Types of Motorhomes

Class A motorhomes, this kind is the largest. Some are even 45 feet long and that requires a lot of space. This is more of like a real home as it can fit more people and it even has bedrooms. This is considered as a luxurious type of motorhome. It has all the amenities and are fully equipped. However, since it can accommodate more this size is more difficult to drive and purchasing plus operating this can be quite expensive.

Class B motorhomes, this kind of a moving home is more used for trips and not really for long term living. This is the smallest of its kind although they are better on fuel. The space it provides can make you feel cramped and can only cater to one or two occupants. Since this is usually small, the price is very affordable and you can save with fuel. On the other hand, if you are looking more of a home on the road this may not be the best choice.

Class C motorhomes are somewhere between the latter classes. The amenities are similar with class A is also more of a good home while on the road. It is also much cheaper and has a friendly price tag for every person who is interested to start their life on the road. It’s not really that cheap with fuel unlike class B but they are cheaper than what class A usually goes. You can fit more than 2 people and more storage than class B. This is also a good choice for family outings or vacations. Size is just right and the price is good with your budget as well.

Perks or Pros of living in an RV

YOU CAN GO ANYWHERE. It’s like a car and home in one! You want to go on a trip or a vacation but can’t bring all your stuff? This is the answer for that! You can drive all the way and if you get tired you just need to find a good parking space and rest for the night. No need to pay for hotels or inn’s.

YOU HAVE YOUR OWN ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. Unlike travelling with a regular car or van this gives you and your family or friends the comfort of using appliances like air conditioners, television, fridge, radio, cooking materials and more! No need to worry about stopping to charge your phone or any stuff that needs charging!

SIMPLE LIVING. You go light and downsize since you can only bring what you need and little of what you like to use in an RV. You can get out of the city and enjoy nature and great views. Unclog your lungs from pollution and get some fresh air! Check out sites like RV Nomad to get updated on the latest mods!

MORE SAVINGS. No need to spend more on vacations for accommodations and expensive meals on hotels and resorts. You can cook and enjoy the comfort of your home anytime, anywhere!

LEARN NEW THINGS. Since you got out of your comfort zone and your old ways you now have time to start fresh and try everything you didn’t do before. Taste new food, see new places and meet new people every day. Experiencing life to the fullest!

FREEDOM. To do what you want and to go wherever you want! You have a home on wheels, you can work anytime and relax at any hour of the day. Toxins that are introduced by the city will be left behind and a stress free environment for you to enjoy!

MORE TIME FOR YOUR FAMILY. This kind of space gives out a good time for bonding and sharing what life is beyond the city. Your friends and family will enjoy the relaxation hours and meal times with you.

Life on the road might be a bit overwhelming and challenging at the same time. However, you can learn new things, gain more experience, see amazing views you’ve never seen before and meet a lot of new friends on the way. It won’t hurt to try something new out of the ordinary city life.

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