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Why Should You Have Outdoor Security Cameras?

We use outdoor security cameras for the surveillance of exterior portion of offices, homes and buildings. You may have seen security cameras outside banks, ATMs, homes etc. As you can imagine, outdoor security cameras should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

You will find outdoor security cameras in different models. Both black & white and colour cameras are available in the market today. Some cameras take black & white videos at night and colour videos during the day. Some of those cameras come with advanced features like passive infrared detector (PIR). Such features can be useful in the areas where there is no light. Well, cameras these days come with all sorts of features like built-in microphone/speakers, threat imaging, visual alarms and audible alarms. If it is for monitoring, then a camera having a wide angle lens would be really helpful.

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Wired VS Wireless

As far as outdoor security cameras are concerned, you will find them in wireless and wired forms. As we all know, wireless cameras are more convenient. Such cameras usually have a shield to protect it from harsh weather conditions. However, wireless security camera tends to consume lot of batteries.

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Advantages of outdoor security cameras

Let’s take a look at the major advantages of outdoor security cameras.

  • Withstands weather – We have already seen this one. Outdoor cameras come with lenses which withstand harsh weather conditions. Whether it is snowing or raining, the lenses will remain dry and clean. However, you have got to make sure that there is some shade to protect them. This is because of the fact that continuous exposure to sunlight and other weather phenomenon will reduce its lifespan.
  • Outdoor security cameras do not produce sound. Therefore, it can stay hidden in the plain sight.
  • The best thing about outdoor security cameras is that they work totally fine at night as well. Darkness is not at all an issue. As it comes with infrared illuminator, it has no difficulty in capturing clear images at night as well.
  • Affordable – Another great thing about outdoor security cameras is that you will find them totally affordable. These cameras are cost-effective models. You will be surprised to learn that outdoor security cameras are available for less than $100 as well!
  • It keeps the burglars away – Yes, this is the best thing about outdoor security cameras. Burglars wouldn’t want to invade a house or building which has outdoor security cameras. Well, it doesn’t hold true always. But in general, it is helpful in keeping the burglars at arm’s length.

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Buying a new camera

Are you seriously planning to buy a new outdoor security camera? Well, there are couple of things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, it should never be an impulsive decision. You need to evaluate your circumstances – do you really need outdoor security cameras? If you think that it is necessary then you must go for it. After all, as we have already mentioned, they are cheap! Before you actually buy a camera, it is advised that you do survey on the internet. You can also go to the local stores and check out various options before you. Drones are also very popular these days – dji-phantom-2 GPS Mode is the perfect example.What are the things you need to keep in mind while getting a new outdoor security camera? Let’s see below.

First and foremost, you need to make sure of the visibility of the camera at night. As we all know, crimes usually occur during night. So it makes sense to check that. Next up, you need to stay away from all the fake cameras out there. Criminals can clearly differentiate the fake ones from the real ones. You are not fooling anybody. Get a quality camera so that you don’t have to regret later on.