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Why there should be more e-cigarette companies than tobacco manufacturing plants

People will usually go for things that has some sort of benefits to them. This explains why the e-cigarette popularity is growing at a fast rate. But on the other hand, we still see several tobacco manufacturing plants around.

Could this be the reason why there is always an endless debate about which one is better between the e-cigs and the traditional cigarettes? Anyway, as it is known, both the electronic cigarettes and vaporizers came up as another alternative to smoking.

So in case you are also looking for another alternative to smoking but want to understand the benefits first, then you are just in the right place. Let us look at why electronic cigarettes are considered to be more advantageous. Also, when purchasing them, make sure you pick from the best electronic cigarette brands just to be safe.


  1. Less lethal pleasure

Well, cigarettes usually give pleasure to the users whether you are using the traditional cigarettes or the e-cigs. However, the pleasure you get from smoking tobacco is known to be quite dangerous and lethal.

With e-cigs, you will receive a different kind of experience as you also get to enjoy the different variety of flavors that come with the e-liquids.

These flavors will always give you great feeling and a safe pleasure as you vape. All you have to do is choose the correct or your preferred e-cig choice and enjoy the great flavors that will give you great sensation and safe pleasure.

  1. Cheaper

If you have been using the e-cigs for a while, you must have noticed that they come in different colors and styles.

Some of them are even designed to look like different things including pens, cell phones and pipes. Others are also made to look just like the normal cigarette stick with the same color, size and shape.

Well, the e-cigs doesn’t usually cost much either. If you compare the prices keenly, you will realize that the amount you spend on e-cigs in a month is nearly half the amount you spend on traditional cigarettes. Do the math and you will see why e-cigarettes are a better option.

  1. Environmental friendly

If you do your research, you will notice that a huge percentage of random fires are always caused by traditional cigarettes.

They are always quite dangerous as any contact with inflammable substances can lead to a big disaster which can in turn cause a lot of damages if not taken care off in time. Using e-cigarettes can minimize the risk of starting a fire since it doesn’t use any fire and also produces almost no smoke.

The electronic cigarettes use batteries hence cannot pollute the air. This also makes it a better option compared to smoking the traditional cigarettes.

  1. Much Discreet

Not everyone likes putting everything they do in the public as they would prefer. This is usually due to their personal reasons. Perhaps you don’t want people to know you smoke or something like that.

Well, using e-cigs can help keep your secret as it doesn’t leave any smoke or aroma after you are done vaping unlike the traditional cigarettes that often leave an offensive aroma on almost everything including your hair and clothes.

As you can see, e-cigs are really discrete and can help you protect your reputation. Besides, it also keeps you away from having a bad breath which is always offensive to most people. You can also follow this link and see more on benefits of e-cigarettes

  1. Freedom

With e-cigarettes, there are no much restrictions as compared to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. You can be able to vape anywhere if you are using an e-cigarette. By anywhere, I mean in your office, restaurants, and hotels among other public places.

This implies that electronic cigarettes can be smoked anywhere without having any fear of being harassed or even arrested. They are also not annoying as they only produce vapor which does not last in air.

However, you should first make sure to check what the law says about vaping in your area, just to stay on the safe side.


As you can see, e-cigs have some benefits that cannot be overlooked, especially if it is something that can help save the environment. These are just a few benefits but you can see more here.