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If you’ve never heard of a Boodle Fight, you’re not alone. At first glance, you’d assume it’s something to do with fighting or boodles. Whatever they are. It’s a traditional Filipino dining experience that originated within the military. Today, it’s a fun and interactive way to dine with family or friends. With an incredible spread of delicious Filipino cuisine, you’ll never leave a Boodle Fight hungry.  

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience for a birthday, work event or just a fun Sunday out with friends, a Boodle Fight is the perfect option.

What is a Boodle Fight?

A Boodle Fight is a traditional Filipino style of dining that has its roots in the military. When feeding the soldiers, they served copious amounts of food on long tables lined with banana leaves. All the food was eaten by hand, known as “Kamayan” which was a symbol of connection and brotherhood among the men. The name „fight” refers to all the soldiers grabbing as much food as possible before it was all gone.

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Fast forward to today, and this style of dining has had an update but remains true to tradition. Typically, you’ll have jugs of water available to wash your hands before dining. You won’t see any utensils in a Boodle Fight, so expect to eat everything with your hands.

What Food Does a Boodle Fight Include?

Since Boodle Fight refers primarily to the style of dining, there is no rule to what food it should include. One thing you can be sure of is that there will be no shortage of rice. Rice is a Filipino staple and will always be present at a Boodle Fight.

Since you eat everything with your hands, you won’t see any soups or stews in a Boodle Fight. Expect traditional Filipino street foods like lumpia, a Filipino spring roll. Fried chicken, fried fish and a selection of grilled meats will likely grace the table as well. The Philippines is known for its juicy fruits, and you’ll see common Filipino fruits in the spread such as papaya and mango.

If you’re not a meat-eater, don’t fret. Boodle Fights are customizable, and many amazing cultural dishes don’t include meat.

Where Can You Experience a Boodle Fight?

Are you keen to experience a Boodle Fight for yourself, but not ready to jump on a flight to the Philippines? Filipino restaurants are popping up all over the UK that offer the opportunity to enjoy this flavourful and satisfying cuisine. For the best Boodle Fight in London, you have to check out RAPSA. They feature traditional Filipino street food that is absolutely delicious, and you can make modifications based on the dietary requirements of your party.

You don’t need to go to the Philippines to take part in this unique cultural way of dining. Not only will you leave with a full belly, but you’ll have fun and bond with the others in your group. Boodle Fights are growing in popularity, and Filipino restaurants all over the world are offering this distinctive dining experience.

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