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Product Description


Willful SW308 fitness tracker is about to become your new favorite fitness partner!

Our watch is a simple and easy-to-use fitness tracker, it can check the time, count your steps,distance,calories burned, and monitor your sleep.



fitness tracker

fitness tracker

no bluetooth need

no bluetooth need

Daily exercise tracking

Our fitness tracker can accurately record your steps, calories burned, and distance. Help you record your exercise data during exercise. You can put down your phone and go out for activities.

Sleep monitor

Please select „ON” to enter the sleep mode, then hold the button again to exit, there will be a moon icon on the time display interface. This watch will not update your sleep time in real time, so when you finish sleeping, please select „OFF” to end and exit the sleep mode, then you can get the sleep time.

No Bluetooth, No APP, No Phone Needed

This watch can work alone without Bluetooth function. You don’t need to download any app and don’t need to connect to your phone to get it started. Very suitable for people who don’t have a smart phone or don’t want to use a tracker with a phone.







Easy to use

Short-pressing and long-pressing(about 3 seconds) the circular touch button to set this watch. After received the product, please set the date, time, gender, age, etc, in the watch. This watch can only save the data of the day, it will automatically clear the data every night at 12 o’clock.

Setting tips

A.Hold on the circle button for 3 seconds to start the setting progress, short press to add the number and hold on the circle button again to save the number.

B.If you miss the correct number, you need to add the number to the max. Then begin again.

USB Charge, No Cable Needed

Take out the watch from band, then you will find the tracker has a USB plug at the end, just put it into any usb port to charge. Put the metal pins into USB port then it will charge. (the metal pins should upward, the screen downward make sure the charging icon is on).



for kids

for kids

for parents

for parents

IP68 Waterproof

It is IP68 waterproof standard, so don’t worry about getting it wet and feel free to wrok out in the rain or when washing your hands with your Willful fitness tracker on.

(note: Please refrain from allowing your smart watch come in contact with hot water)

Perfect for Kids

If your child wants an exercise tracker that can record his daily steps, distance, calories, sleep. Willful SW308 fitness tracker will be the best gift for your child, especially if your child does not have a mobile phone.

Very suitable for elderly

Are you looking for a fitness tracker suitable for parents? Our fitnes tracker can be used without phone, will be very suitable for the elderly at home. It can help your parents record their daily steps, calories burned and sleep quality.


Q1. How to set the watch?

A1: When you see the „Settings” icon on the screen, please hold on the circle button for 3 seconds to the setting interface.

For example, when you setting the date and time, you can short press to add the number. (If you miss the correct number in any of the settings, you need to add the number to the max. The program will then take you back to the minimum number and you can begin again.) Once you have entered the correct number, please hold on the circle button to saving the setting.

On the whole, short press to change the number/option and hold on the circle button to save the setting.

Q2. How to reset the watch?

A2: The data on the watch will be automatically reset at 12:00 p.m or 24:00.

Or if you want to reset it by yourself, you need set the time to 12:00 p.m or 24:00.

Q3. How to charge the watch?

A3: This watch is not come with the charging cable. Here are the ways to charge it:

1. Take out the watch from band

2. Put the metal pins into USB port then it will charge. (the metal pins should upward, the screen downward)

Q4. What to do if the steps on the watch is not accurate?

A4: This watch has a built-in 3D sensor, which is very sensitive. So it will correctly register your steps when you swing your arm. If you still think this watch cannot count your steps accurately, we suggest that you can wear it tightly and test it several times.

Q5. Is the watch waterproof?

A5: This watch is IP68 waterproof standard. You can wear it when washing hands, running in the rain and swimming, but it is not resistant to the hot water.


Sleep Tracker

Calorie consumption and distance


App connection required

No app needed

bluetooth function

No bluetooth function

★【 Non Bluetooth Pedometer Watch】- If you are looking for a device that can show you the time/date, being waterproof, and give you an exact idea of how much exercise you get everyday, but don’t want it needed to be connected to a smartphone, Willful 308 pedometer watch is just the right one for you.
★【 Accurate Fitness Tracker】- Accurately track your all-day steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep quality. This tracker can help you stay active and stay healthy.
★【 Easy to Set up and Use】- As this watch don’t need an app and a phone, you can enter your personal information (age, height, weight, gender) in the watch to get your accurate exercise data.The setting is very easy.
★【 Gift for Parents and Kids】- If you want your family members to become active and take some exercise, you can give this tracker as a gift to them, especially the elders and kids who don’t use a smartphone. (The specific size of our band: width, 0.63 inches, the length can fit the wrist of 5.9-8.7 inches)
★【 Long Battery Life】- This watch has a built-in usb charging plug, you can remove the bands and charge it with any usb port. One full charge (2 hours) can support 7 days working time.


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