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What’s Christmas without traditional food and the proper dose of good drinks that can get people in the holiday mood? Christmas drinks differ accoding to region and taste and one recipe can be adapted in a million ways, depending on the preferences of guests or hosts. The mulled wine has been done and reinveted by now so it’s time to welcome the merry season with a few drinks that are special and delicious.

The following drinks are 7 of the most popular Christmas combinations that can be found on the table of any good Christmas (or booze) lover during the holidays. Take a sneak peak and insipre yourself.

7 Amazing Christmas Drinks

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1. Hot Wine Punch – this punch combines cinnamon and cranberries for a delicious taste, perfect for Christmas dinner. This cocktail is best prepared a few hours before the guests start arriving.

2. Eggnog for Christmas – fresh eggs, condensed milk, rum and peaches. This combination might not be everyone’s favorite, but if it’s Christmas, then we should all try out this recipe. Because you cannot think of winter holidays without eggnog.

3.  Citrus Cider – cider is synonym to Christmas and citrus is the best way to keep the intake of vitamin C constant even during winter. A bit of orange or lemon peel will spice up the mix and give it a better flavor.

4. Holiday Hopper – this might not be one of the traditional Christmas drinks but it does combine some interesting ingredients: mint, chocolate, melon and cream. This is a delicious cocktail that can lighten up a party in just a couple of minutes.

5. Holiday Punch – if it’s red and it has the word ‘holiday’ in it then you know it’s meant to be. This punch combines cranberry with pineapple, almond extract and ginger ale. And it tastes divine!

6. Red Rudolph – cinnamon and cranberry will give people such a wonderful kick of energy that they will instantly fall in love with this cocktail. And what better way to honor Santa than with a delicious Red Rudolph cocktail that sticks to your heart?

7. Buttered Rum – it sounds a bit weird but this recipe of buttered rum is perfect for intimite parties and can really create a romantic mood. Just perfect for Christmas which is known as the time when family reunions happen.

Photo source: amiablelife.com

What are your favorite Christmas drinks? Traditional recipes are better when they are personalized, so if you have any special recipes, feel free to share them with us!

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